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Designing the Future of the Earth Cooperatively.

An alternative to the current way of creating the Earth future.
Model Earth
An Invitation

to participate in creating of a co-operatively, collectively designed, interactive model of an ideal, ecologically and socially sustainable Earth, a model that would portray an Earth possessing optimal living conditions for all those who share it for the purpose of there being a universal reference that would be helpful in any projects concerning the future of any social entity--from a locally based community, to the whole Earth.

Why Model Earth?

It is obvious from reality that the hierarchical forms of government that are in existence now, no longer can cope with the increasing magnitude of problems that humanity is forced to face. Since any attempts, so far, (in the form of reforms, revolutions, etc.) to improve humankind's lot failed to achieve any significant results, perhaps a new approach should be considered.

There are already many people with good ideas about a better future for a better future actually to start happening, one could think. However, most of these ideas (on the whole) are not synchronized, and in many instances these ideas are quite vague, untested properly against all the other ideas that there might exist about our collective future, and mostly addressing only very superficial concerns. Thus, even though it would seem that a great deal is being done for a better future, on the whole the situation in the world continues becoming worse. Many of those ideas are often contrary to each other, and conflicts might evolve when those ideas are in the state of realization--something that the model would try prevent by resolving any possible discrepancies among all such ideas within the model before any conflicts could develop in reality with far greater efficiency than , probably, any discourse, or any diplomatic processes of today could ever accomplish.

It could also be said that a kind of a model of a better Earth future already exists in the minds of all those who think about what their future and the future of the world should be like, but for any expedient and practical purposes this model that might exist in the general world consciousness is too vague and is not explicit enough for any clear reference, something that Model Earth would surpass by being there accessible for any purposes of reference, discourse, and "round-table" style discussions.

Model Earth would be co-created by virtually anyone, from anywhere on Earth, who would like to match one's own ideas of what his/her ideal future should look like with the ideas of everyone else; at present a very few people try to co-ordinate their ideas about their future with the ideas of all others.

This process would not be based on any arbitrary notions, however, but based on all the knowledge that there would be available of any pertinent issues involved in the modeling. From their involvement in the modeling process it would be obvious to the participants what ideas that they might have about their future would be viable, and what ideas would not be so--this interactive model would be the best educational tool available, addressing participants' ideas in terms of justifiability with the current state of knowledge and with the ideas/wishes of all other participants.

The advantage of using this modeling tool over the current way of deciding the Earth future would lay in its being impartial and non-partisan--neither suppressing, nor favoring anyone's ideas over those of others. This model that would be being created on ongoing basis (because knowledge and ideas evolve constantly) would be authoritative not because of possessing any executive authority, but because of its portraying most realistically what the optimal state of Earth should be, according to current state of knowledge; influenced not by any partisan interests, but, based on the realistic wishes of virtually all who would chose to use this modeling tool.

This modeling tool could be used in arbitrating of conflicts, it would be impartial, and it would be taking into consideration the opinions of even those parts of populations that otherwise would be left out from decision-making processes.

Think of this model as a universal "ombudsman" that would be authoritative not because of possessing any executive powers, but authoritative because presenting an Earth with optimal conditions for life.

This interactive model could co-ordinate the efforts and enhance the scope of perspective and efficiency of the many existing groups that aim to improve living on Earth (NGO and others), and would allow sharing of all of their available databases.

This model would be possible to be created on existing computers linked by the Internet. The technology that would allow linking of a virtually unlimited number of computers together to form a supercomputer already exists (one of the terms used is "distributed computing"), and would not demand any outlay of much more than volunteer energy.

There would be a need for volunteers at the start:

* computer specialists to link all the participants' computers in to a vast "supercomputer" ("distributed computing"), and to create the programs that would enable the interaction of the participants with the model,

* scientists and specialists from all imaginable fields to connect the model with all the available data bases that would allow checking of ideas for viability and that would direct participants to knowledge pertinent to whichever issue might be involved, and

* a number of organizers to direct the setup and the development of this project.

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