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Recent Dispatches from Jeff Free Luers


Jeff has recently written two Dispatches, pasted below, about the recent arrests and the death of William Rodgers. Please feel free to forward and post these writings elsewhere.

Thanks to everyone for their ongoing support of Jeff and all political prisoners. Happy 2006,
-Friends of Jeff Free Luers
Dispatch from Jeff "Free" Luers. December 22, 2005

This last week I've been talking to a lot of people about the recent arrests. I know what it is like to be where these people are now. I understand very well the anxiety of not knowing what is happening. The fear and the stress. Trying to be strong and level-headed not just for yourself but for your loved ones.

In my conversations with people I can tell they are afraid. Not just for those arrested, but for themselves. Scared to talk, scared to act, and scared to support.

These people need your help. You might not know them. They might not be part of any activist community. But they represent the heart of this movement and this struggle. Because they are the ones accused of actions that have become legendary and made into songs. They are the ones bearing the brunt of this struggles' resistance. They are the scapegoats for the Department of Justice. They are suffering for every act of defiance this movement has carried out under whatever banner.

We owe it to these people to support them. We owe it to them to not be controlled by fear.

YOU have to help them! If you ever considered yourself part of this struggle, a part of this movement, if you were ever just thankful somebody was brave enough to make a stand - YOU have to help them!

Have a meeting with your local activists, form a collective, or act on your own. Find out what you can contribute: A website, a paypal account, legal help, fundraising, networking, letters, visits - any kind of support. Make it happen.

Hell people we are pros at this by now. We've had our practice runs. This one is for real. This one makes or breaks us as a movement. It defines who we are as people.

Decades from now this will be a story of how the people came together. Or it will be a tale about how the back of a struggle was finally broken.

I know the story I plan on writing. Who will help co-author it? Who will help make history?

(As of this writing, Stanislas "Jack" Meyerhoff, one of those arrested, has agreed to testify against the others charged. Jacob Ferguson has been identified as another informant and is still free and uncharged. These men are cowards and scum of the lowest order. They should be treated accordingly.)

- Jeff "Free" Luers


Dispatch from Jeff "Free" Luers. December 25, 2005

Earlier this week it was reported that William Rodgers, accused of Earth & Animal Liberation Front arsons, committed suicide in his jail cell.

I know very little other than that. However, I find the circumstances suspicious and strongly encourage people to push for an investigation.

The news is incredibly sad. If William did in fact take his own life it is the first time an earth/animal liberation prisoner has done so. It is a devastating precedent.

I cannot begin to guess why. I can relate to the desperation and readily admit thoughts of taking my own life entered my head as I awaited trial. I think it is likely a common experience when people are facing a lot of time.

The fact that he followed through on the thought breaks my heart. And my sympathy goes out to his family & friends.

I am left wondering if there is something we could have done to stop him. Was this an entirely personal decision based on the prospect of doing a lot of time? Or was this an act of desperation from someone who felt completely alone?

There are four people left who desperately need your support. Daniel McGowan, Sarah Harvey, Kevin Tubbs, and Chelsea Gerlach. Write to them. Support them. Let them know they are not alone. Let them know there are people who will stand by them until they are released. Be there for them.

- Jeff "Free" Luers

Write to:
Jeffrey Luers #13797671
Oregon State Prison
2605 State Street
Salem, Oregon 97310

For more information:

Donate to Free's Legal Defense:
1-Online through the 'make a donation' button at
2-Send a check or money order to: "Free's Defense Fund" and mail to
POB 3, Eugene, OR 97440

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Chelsea Gerlach
#1308678, Lane County Jail,
101 W 5th Ave,
Eugene, OR 97401, USA.
On remand accused of involvement in a series of direct actions that occurred in Oregon between 1998 and 2001.

Daniel McGowan
# 1407167, Lane County Jail,
101 West 5th Street,
Eugene, OR 97401, USA.
On remand accused of involvement in a series of direct actions that occurred in Oregon between 1998 and 2001.

Kevin Tubbs
#1213751, Lane County Jail,
101 W 5th Ave,
Eugene, OR 97401, USA.
On remand accused of involvement in a series of direct actions that occurred in Oregon between 1998 and 2001.

Sarah Harvey
Coconino County Jail
951 E Sawmill Rd
Flagstaff, AZ 86001


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