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John Harrington: The Challenge to Power: Money, Investing and Democracy 1/23

The Resource Center for Nonviolence invites you to join us for a conversation with John Harrington regarding his new book, "The Challenge to Power," a thoughtful analysis of the influence corporate power has on democracy.
John will be at Capitola Book Cafe on Monday, Jan. 23rd at 7:30pm
Capitola Book Cafe is located at 1475 41st Avenue Capitola, CA
Call 831-462-4415 for more info
The Challenge to Power.jpg
John Harrington has been a leader in the socially responsible investment movement for over thirty years, and was a key architect of
the divestment movement against the apartheid government in South Africa. He is also one of the founders and former chairman of the board of Working Assets and Progressive Asset Management, two pioneering socially responsible financial services companies.

Making money and supporting social justice are not mutually exclusive. A life-long advocate for responsible corporate practices that benefit society, Harrington argues that a coordinated
shareholder action is needed to challenge corporations to adopt human, labor, and environmental codes of conduct in order to
eliminate years of egregious and abusive practices.

"The Challenge to Power identifies tactics that progressives . . . can use to initiate action against corporations, forcing them to act more responsibly across the globe." -Medea Benjamin, Cofounder, Global Exchange.

This event was arranged with the help of the forward thinkers at Resource Center for Nonviolence. Call 462-4415 for more information.

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