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VIDEO > Housing Rights for New Orleans Hurricane Survivors

This video includes interviews from evacuees in NY and those who've returned to New Orleans. This issue is currently effecting the lives of thousands of people and it's still not too late to help put pressure where it needs to be put to force the goverenment to deal with these people properly.
A hurricane evacuee explains the situation that thousands of hurricane survivors now find themselves in.
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When considering the rebuilding of New Orleans, every issue eventually boils down to housing. Housing for those who've evacuated, housing for those who've returned, housing for contractors ...

Evacuees are growing weary of getting jerked around with no real long term solutions being offered. Meanwhile the city is attempting to close down most of the Public Housing Developments in New Orleans even though they recieved VERY LITTLE damage. Landlords have been getting in on the act by throwing tenants property into the street, breaking leases and jacking the rent up on the profiteers that are dividing up New Orleans like Haliburton is dividing up Baghdad. This is a fine example of how perverse it is to put Profit over People.

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