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FRSC: World Social Forum interview from Caracas, Venezuela

Audio of phone interview with Kim Dowling ofg Santa Cruz Ca. at the World Social Forum in
Caracas, Venezuela on 01-26-06
wsf_kim_dowling012606.mp3 (6217 k)
The World Social Forum (WSF) is an annual meeting held by members of the alternative globalization movement to coordinate world campaigns, share and refine organizing strategies, and inform each other about movements from around the world and their issues. It tends to meet in January when its "great capitalist rival", the World Economic Forum is meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

The WSF has prompted the organising of many regional social forums, including the European Social Forum, the Asian Social Forum and the Boston Social Forum. All social forums adhere to the WSF Charter of Principles drawn up by the World Social Forum.

In 2006 the WSF will be held simultaneously in different cities around the world, including Caracas, Venezuela; Bamako, Mali; and Karachi, Pakistan. In 2007 it will be held in Africa.

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Re: FRSC: World Social Forum interview from Caracas, Venezuela

I ment to post as local to sc due to Kim is from here and it was a FRSC interview, sorry.

Re: FRSC: World Social Forum interview from Caracas, Venezuela

Hi Skidmark Bob,

Great interview and thanks for posting it on SC-IMC!

On, the 'Local Interest' section has been reserved for articles that focus on the Monterey Bay Area. Since this interview is about the WSF taking place in Caracas, Venezuela, the 'Elsewhere' newswire on is the proper place for this article.

I've posted this interview on and it is on SC-IMC and Indybay's "Global Newswire."

As soon as an Indybay or SC-IMC editorial volunteer has the time, this audio will be linked to in a feature on our 'Americas Page'

This interview is currently the first post on the newswire of the Americas Page.

Be sure to read this breaking news update from another SC-IMCista, esperanza, who is also reporting from Caracas, Venezuela!

Report from FSM: Build Coalitions for Fair Trade!

World Social Forum Takes over Caracas

World Social Forum Takes over Caracas

Over 100,000 activists from throughout the world have arrived for the start of the sixth World Social Forum (WSF), which began on January 24, 2006, in Caracas, Venezuela. Under the unifying slogan of “Another World is Possible,? participants at the WSF have gathered to build a powerful movement against neoliberalism, capitalism, and imperialism.

The WSF is organized in a decentralized format that encourages grassroots participation. This is accomplished through a series of workshops and forums that bring together political activists from throughout the world to give them the opportunity to share experiences and build social networks. Each day, during the six days of activities, there will be hundreds of forums, discussions, and meetings to choose from.

The opening event at this year’s WSF was a march with over 60,000 participants demonstrating against War and Imperialism. There were large delegations from all over South America - including Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, and of course Venezuela.


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