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DVD To Raise Funds For Grenada Hurricane Relief

GRENADA: THE MAROON SPIRIT, a new documentary film by Pumpkinhead Production Company to donate portion of sales to Grenada Maroon Fund
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What happens when a small Caribbean island is hit by a massive hurricane? How does a country cope when 90% of their homes are destroyed or damaged? What happens when your agricultural sector is wrecked and your major export crop will take years to recover? What are the hopes of the people for the future under such conditions? These are some of the questions that GRENADA: THE MAROON SPIRIT hopes to answer for people. This new production by the Pumpkinhead Production Company was filmed on the island of Grenada in the Eastern Caribbean in November of 2004, two months after Hurricane Ivan devastated the island nation on September 7.

Traveling throughout Grenada and its sister island of Carriacou, GRENADA: THE MAROON SPIRIT interviews people from all walks of life, hearing about their experiences with the deadly hurricane and their efforts to rebuild their lives. They tell of the deadly winds, the flying debris and the resulting destruction. Their stories of working together with their neighbours, as a community to quickly get back on their feet are inspiring and educational. They credit Hurricane Ivan with rekindling the “Maroon Spirit� amongst the population. The actual live footage of Hurricane Ivan shows the deadly force that these brave people had to face.

The film places Hurricane Ivan within a historical context by interviewing two of Grenada’s foremost historians, author and historian George Brizan and Beverly Steele, author and Head Tutor at T.A. Marryshow House, Grenada campus of the University of the West Indies about Grenada’s past. This is a past that includes mass suicides, civil wars, dictatorships, revolutions, and invasions. Brenda Hood, Minister of Tourism, tells of the hurricane’s affect on the government and its efforts to rebuild their country.

GRENADA: THE MAROON SPIRIT is a fifty-minute documentary film. It is the first feature length film by the Pumpkinhead Production Company, an independent film production house located in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. The DVD is being sold online at or by mailing Pumpkinhead Production Company, P.O. Box 283, 720 6th Street, New Westminster, BC V3L 3C5. Pumpkinhead is committed to donating a portion of every sale to the Maroon Spirit Fund to aid in Grenada’s recovery.

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