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Governor Side Steping Death Penalty

Governor Schwarzenegger is now preparing for the November 2006 election by side steping the death penalty issue.

Stewart A. Alexander
2006 Candidate
California Lieutenant Governor
Peace and Freedom Party

Governor Schwarzenegger fully realizes the November election is quickly approaching; now he thinks the big issue of capital punishment should be left to California voters. Arnold Schwarzenegger made this statement on Tuesday, January 24, in Sacramento before the Sacramento Press Club as he addressed a broad range of questions including doctor assisted suicide.
Schwarzenegger has just dismissed the lives of Stanley “Tookie� Williams and Clarence Ray Allen by lethal injection and now he is trying to clean his hands before election day. The governor had the opportunity to leave the fate of these two men to California voters; however he chose death instead of life. Now that his fate is in the hands of Californians he is saying let the voters decide the big issues.
This governor is difficult to understand, he promises the people one thing and does something else, he find his supporters and turn them into foes, he makes the big decisions and then says the big issues should be left to voters.
Schwarzenegger just can’t get it right, he was wrong about the special election, he was wrong about the nurses, he was wrong about public employees, he was wrong about the unions, he was wrong about our state legislators, he was wrong about the will of the people and now he is wrong about making the big decisions.
The only reason Californians are not pushing for this governor’s impeachment is because he has already caused tax payers too much money and waiting for November will cost a lot less.
The people of California elected Schwarzenegger to make these big decisions, however as governor we see that he is not up to the task. Today Californians certainly can understand that being a good actor does not qualify a governor to deal with the issues that must be dealt with in Sacramento.
Recently Assembly Bill 1121 was introduced in Sacramento which would have given Californians a chance to rethink capital punishment. The bill was sponsored by Democratic Assemblyman Paul Koretz. This bill was intended to put a three year moratorium on executions in California however the bill was blocked in the California Assembly’s Appropriations Committee. This is the type of legislation that is needed today to allow us time to rethink this very important issue. Women and men are spending 10 to 25 years on death row and Californians need the pause to hear both sides of this life and death issue.
As we approach the November elections the future of this governor must be decided, his fate and capital punishment should both go to California voters.

stewartalexander4p&f (at)

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