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the long road home

the journey home
The Long Road
An editorial

Murdock Todd Cote (Doc)

It begins the long road to freedom, to light, to hope. URWRNC stole in five years hope for a better tomorrow. A leader, a true leader cares about his people, their welfare come before anything else; a leader must have a heart. An ancient prophet once said and I quote “When Religion and politics ride in the same cart, the willow wind follows “The Reverend mother Helen Guyas Mosheim. Now in the New Year two thousand and six, we must begin to quietly drive back the night, to drive religious bigotry against those among us who are different, those who do not share their values; share their interpitation of love or who to love.

Even thou we have been upon the earth for a millennia but the bigotry still exist, the hate and the fear of anyone different. America was supposed to be different; it was supposed to be free land, free of persecution, free of fear; free of the darkness which now engulfs our homeland and the corruption that feeds it. Come sweet autumn and drive back the night, help us sweet season of harvest to restore the light of heaven, and the sweetest of fruits of the harvest love and hope for all our people. We as a nation must on the November day strip the usurper of those who hold him and the religious zealots who preach hate and mistrust and fear of our fellow Americans. To have faith in the living god of Abraham and Isaac is one thing to misinterpit their teachings is another.

America must restore hope to our people, restore the true meaning of our constitution, the true meaning of our bill of rights and our declaration of Independence which is seventeen seventy six turned a world upside down when thirteen colonies rose in one voice and said to a king thousands of miles away we will not back down, we will not walk quietly into the night we are going to be free; and from this day we govern ourselves as free born subject to our laws and to each our own gifts to give to our new nation. For we have broken from the tyranny of a tyrant and king and freedom gave us courage to fight for that freedom, now we must wrench our freedom back from those who would steal it and bring it into the darkness which they embrace. Mr. Bush, I say nay to you and all those you command, because here in the United States of America, our declaration of independence has in large font so King George the III could read it “We the People of United States to ordain a more perfect union do establish these United States? here in our country we judge you for what you do, not where you are from, or who you are, race, religion, sex, and sexual orientation, here we judge you for what you do, and not what you’re values or who you choose to love or be loved by, or how you worship the living God, or you’re culture and values. America is free land from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, from Canada to Mexico’s border, free land, and justice and hope for all who come here. America is a paradise for all of us, not for who George Bush, Michael Heath, Pat Robertson and the religious far right choose, because we do not share their values, does not mean we are any less American then any of you; you are our not my judge or anyone else’s.

I am a United States Citizen I have the same rights as the President, the Senate, the Congress, and everyone else whom think we do not. Men like the Sweggarts, Robertson’s, Heaths, and the Falwells of our nation now George thinks he is an evangelist not nor is he my judge of my private life or how I worship God or whom I choose to be. What Has the Bush government brought America? A war in Iraq, a war that never should have been initiated in the first place, this Government used lies and deception to get this war; yes September 11 2001 will live in our hearts and soul forever.
It is one thing to chase down the Dogs of Elgaieda who committed this sin against Allah, against the living god of our world dogs who murdered men women children on those planes, with in the world trade center; we have that right to chase who murdered our people. It is not to take the orders of Halliburton, the big oil companies, or your friends in the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. Mr. President, your deeds will be judged for what you and the carpet baggers of America who have corrupted our children to hate, to fear, to be intolerant of anyone different. You hurt poor, the low income, the disabled, and the elderly of nation by cutting programs like Medicare, Medicaid, retraining and education, and food assistance for the poor, you traitor, shame on you and do not taught religious charity; because making people sit through fire and brimstone just to have food. In the book of Mormon their was a general his name was Lehi, there is a book fictional but worthy of name it was called the title of liberty; after a six year bloody war with their cousin’s the laminites he returned to his home in the city of Zarahemla. He saw something he did not like for it was the reign of judges and a group decided to restore a monarchy, which mistreated the low income, the poor and the middle class. This he could not let stand, he arose and found one of his wife’s sheets and this paint upon it for our children, for our wives, for our god and for nation.

He found one of his regimental drummers and he did put on his armor and helmet and he went to the Garrison of city and roused them and thus moved and restored the lawful government of the people and the reign of Judges. America it’s time to restore lawful and just government to people and restore hope for our future children.

We must restore the rule of law, and the rights of our countrymen, we must a nation curtail the Patriot act or revoke it. War brings out the most horrible of people and the most horrible of deeds that people can do to one another. The torture camps, gitmo must be terminated. It is not what we do and Mr. President we fought too hard for liberty and justice for our people. Mr. Bush you are not above the law and neither is the administration. We do not ever as country torture people we went to Kosovo, Boznia-herkovina to stop what they were doing to those people. We fought a total two world wars to stop tyranny, we tried and one stalemate and one lose in Vietnam. We did not like what they did to our men in Nam and we did not do the same to them.

Rules of war MR. President is meant to be obeyed that is why we signed the Geneva Convention and the congress ratified it. That goes for insurgent, gorilla’s and so forth. America is better then that and we all know it. America it is time to change, and start obeying our own laws and the bill of rights which. We wrote the constitution to protect our person that means we obey our own laws and we do not violate them you have and now I am not afraid to fight to defend what is right. What you are doing is wrong come November your friends will be gone like cancer from people and lawful honest government will be returned to our people and America’s soul we will redeem by our deeds, our people will work and help will be given to our people who need it and the rule of law will be enforced. Time to get it Americans and begin the long road back to freedom and justice for all America and everyone regardless of culture, race, religion, sex and yes sexual orientation Mr. President; it’s time for the Military and your hate groups and the religious right of your ultra-right wing conservatives members to grow up. We are one nation, culture, religion, race, sex and sexual orientation and it’s time for you and the ultra right wing rnc to grow up and get use to it.

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