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Only Fifteen days until Spring Quarter deadline

We want you to teach Free Skool Santa Cruz
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Reminder: Only fifteen days until the deadline for Spring Quarter Classes. Please read this teacher info and use the form below. Thanks!

Information for Teachers

Free Skool Santa Cruz is a completely grassroots effort, a bunch of individuals deciding to act collectively and autonomously to create a skill-sharing network, a school without institutional control. Classes are informal, egalitarian, and are held in homes, social spaces, and parks. It is your opportunity to learn from others and share what you know, to help create self-reliance, vital communities, and beauty in the world. Thank you for your interest in participating in Free Skool Santa Cruz. We are all students and we are all teachers here.

Spring Quarter runs Mar 1 to May 31. The Free Skool Winter Quarter teacher registration deadline is coming up February 15th. We will not accept classes after this date.

Teacher Commitment: We are asking for a three month commitment. That way we only have to pester you three times a year (the quarter system, ha!) rather than monthly twelve times a year. Please read the teacher responsibilities below.

Scheduling: You choose how often in that three months you want to teach your classes. You choose what days fit your schedule. You can check with us about dates and times to avoid conflicts. We're hoping Free Skool will offer at least three classes a week each quarter.

Teaching Space: We encourage teachers to find their own spaces for their classes, but if you need it, we can help you find a location.

Deadlines: For teachers, the deadline to remember is February 15th. We'll need your class info by that deadline. We will have the calendar published within a few days of that deadline, so if you miss it, you miss it.

Class Info: If you are teaching a class this quarter, we'll need solid dates, times, location, and other info at least two weeks before the start of the quarter, that's February 15th. Here is a quickie form. Please try to keep the description brief and use standard punctuation/capitalization so it isn't a pain in the ass to put on the calendar. Thanks.

Teacher Name: ________________________________
Contact Info: ________________________________
Public Contact: ________________________________
Class Name: ________________________________
Proposed Dates: ________________________________
Proposed Time: ________________________________
Proposed Location: ________________________________
Brief Description: ________________________________
Prerequisites &
Requirements: ________________________________

Responsibility (important!): Free Skool is a decentralized, non-institutional project, in other words, you and I make it happen. Therefore, you have certain responsibilities as a teacher. Promote your class through word-of-mouth, fliering, community outreach, and online. Work with other Free Skoolers to post calendars and fliers. Be prompt and reliable. Post updates and news on the Free Skool website. Keep in touch with your students, before and after your class. Take good care of the spaces who graciously host your class.

Return this form as soon as you can. If you want to help with the organizing parts of this whole grassroots endeavor, talk to us.

freeskoolsc (at)

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