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UCSC Students Support Lecturers and Staff

a list of upcoming events in which students can participate in...
Currently on campus, a broad coalition is being organized to act in solidarity with UCSC lecturers & staff. Here are some upcoming events in which students can particpate in...

= Every Friday: Wear RED to show your support for UCSC lecturers & staff.

= Wednesdays, 7pm, Student Union: Students for Labor Solidarity organizational meeting.

= Sundays, 7pm, Stevenson Fireside Lounge: Students for Labor Solidarity organizational meeting.

= Tuesday, October 1st, 6pm-8pm, Kresge 159: Open dialouge with members of UC-AFT's strike committie on how students can support the strike.

= Thursday, October 3rd, 12noon-1pm, McHenry Library: Noontime rally with a CIRCUS theme ("UC Stop Clowning Around"). Organized by University Labor United (a coalition of all the labor unions on campus).

= Friday, October 11th, 5pm-10pm, Student Union: Concert/Teach-in for students organized by Students for Labor Solidarity. Musical groups will include: The Moonies, Hellafine, Duce Company, Don Potthast, & more. Speakers will include: Community Studeis Professor Paul Ortiz, Lecturer and local UC-AFT president Mike Rotkin, a group of AFSCME custodial workers, two UCSC graduates who now work at UCSC and are members of CUE, & many more to be announced soon!

= Monday October 14th & Tuesday October 15th: UC-AFT Strike (CUE and the skilled crafts unit of AFSCME may also be striking). Please join them in support at the two entraces to UCSC.

If you have any questions please feel free to email awkward (at)

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sign the yellow cards!
the cards go to Vice chancellor simpson.
support social science, humanities, arts, faculty.
support the lecturers!
join the picket lines


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