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Farewell to the Trees ... and Seas

Farewell to the Trees ... and Seas


The tree-sit to protest Redwood Empire’s
logging of Ramsey Gulch ended in tragedy
Tuesday night after activist Robert Bryan, 25,
of Salt Lake City, Utah, fell 50 feet from his
redwood perch onto a tree stump, apparently
dying of cardiac arrest as he was subsequently
helicoptered to hospital.
Bryan was discovered by loggers who heard
him calling for help. The loggers say Bryan
was not wearing a harness and that he spoke
of a problem with nettinga detail that has
caused quite a bit of confusion, since the
tree-sit, which was built by Earth First!
activists in August, was a platform that
contained no netting. The Sheriff’s Department
has ruled the cause of death to be accidental,
and exactly why Bryan fell out of the tree
remains a mystery.
“In the end, the only thing we have to go on is
what the loggers say,” says Earth First!
spokesman Dennis Davie.
It took the Santa Clara County coroner’s office
a few days to identify Bryan, who left Salt
Lake City several months ago without telling
anybody where he was going or what he was
doing, Davie learned from a family friend.
The other Earth First! protesters never got a
chance to know Bryan. Known to his peers as
“Naya,” he had just arrived in Santa Cruz the
day before when he ran into some activists at
the Wired Wash Cafe and agreed to go up in
the tree dubbed Esperanza. He had no prior
tree-sitting experience, but said he was a rock
climber. After a couple of hours training, he
was up in the tree about 12 hours.
Redwood Empire loggers have since removed
the tree-sit, but the tree is still standing. Davie
said that Earth First! plans to have a discussion
with Redwood Empire about saving the tree in
Bryan’s memory. How the death is going to
impact Earth First! is something that the
devastated activists are struggling to consider.
“We’re all very sad and very upset, and we’re
trying to figure out what to do next,” said
Davie. “It’s going to be a subject of much
conversation the next few weeks.”
Further tree-sitting in Ramsey Gulch has come
to a haltfor now.
“We didn’t stop tree-sitting because we’re
giving up. We stopped because we’re grieving
and we couldn’t continue the tree-sit
responsibly,” said forest activist Dragonfly,
who along with other activists is planning an
Oct. 19 memorial, whose time and place is still
to be determined.
The environmental activist community is also
mourning the loss of Katherine Knight, who
died of cancer last week. Knight was a local
activist hero who revived The Epicenter, a
section of the Comic News, which later
became The Green Press. Knight, who also
hosted an environmental program on Santa
Cruz Community TV, lived on a sailboat in
the Santa Cruz harbor called Raindancer and
had a video production company called
Raindancer Productions.

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Earth First! SC Memorial for Robert Bryan

The following is based on info from three reliable sources:

Earth First! Santa Cruz, Memorial for
Robert Bryan, Oct 19th, 2002.

Robert Bryan

Please circulate this widely to all of Earth's friends:

Come celebrate the life of a man who knew peace. He died in defense of the Redwoods in
Ramsey Gulch, and will not be forgotten. The memorial gathering for Robert Bryan, the
treesitter who fell and died in Ramsey Gulch, will be at Frederick Street Park at 4 pm on
Saturday, October 19. The park is located 2 blocks south of Broadway on Frederick
Street in Santa Cruz, CA. (See link below for map) We hope to be meeting near the front
on the right side by the small redwood grove.

eMap link to Frederick Street Park : map

If the link doesn't work, paste the following into your browser:

Bring drums, creativity, instruments, poetry, food and drink. Love, healing prayers and
Cathartic Ritual!

Earth First! SC 831-425-3205
P.O. Box 344, Santa Cruz, CA 95061
cruzef (at)


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