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Watsonville- Vote Yes on Measure S

Water fluoridation is planned for Watsonville in spite of many studies of adverse effects to human health. Measure S will stop addition of foreign substances to Watsonville's water supply. Vote YES on S!
Watsonville- VOTE YES on Measure S

Watsonville voters have a great opportunity to take control of their water purity by voting yes on Measure S November 5th. Measure S will keep any substance not at least approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from being added to the City water supply for mass medication. Measure S was initiated by the signatures of over 2000 citizens opposed to the fluoridation of their water. There are plenty of reasons to oppose fluoridation. The fact that hydrofluosilicic acid (the form of fluoride targeted for Watsonville) is a byproduct of fertilizer production that can contain unregulated amounts of lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium, is enough for me.
In the current issue of The Connection Magazine, Theodora Kerry tells how the majority of the Watsonville City Council ignored critical information from a Congressional investigation on fluoride when the council voted to fluoridate. The FDA has never tested effects or safety of fluoride ingestion. Environmental Protection Agency scientists called for a moratorium on all water fluoridation due to evidence of adverse health effects. In 2001 the Journal of the American dental Association and the Center for Disease control both cast a shadow on fluoride’s benefit in preventing cavities in children.
Have you read a tube of fluoridated toothpaste lately? A tube of Colgate says “ Warning: Keep out of the reach of children under 6 years of age. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or contact a Poison Control Center immediately.” Does this sound like a substance safe enough for everyone including our children to drink from fountains at school, from the tap at home, in baby bottles, etc?
Speaking of baby bottles, fluoridation proponents at Watsonville City Hall showed photos of children whose teeth had rotted from soda and sugary juice in their bottles. They mistakenly tried to use this to promote their regime. I called for more practical measures like keeping kids away from sugar! Get the damn Coke machines out of schools! Sugar, caffeine, fluoride and Ritalin. What a way to nourish healthy children.
I grew up in the first fluoridated community in the U.S. (Grand Rapids Michigan) AND had fluoride rinses in school. My teeth have always been full of cavities. My mother was on the PTA at the time and asked if our water wasn’t already fluoridated. She was reassured repeatedly that it wasn’t. She found out several years later it was. Why were they lying about it even then? I’ve raised two children in Santa Cruz on vegetarian diets with unfluoridated toothpaste. They never had a cavity until after they moved away at 18. How much of this is genetic or diet related? Good hygiene is obviously a plus but fluoride obviously played no part in our kids’ dental success. Shouldn’t we at least let the light shine on ALL the studies done on fluoride to date before we force it down EVERY throat in America?
Have you seen recent reports that the San Francisco Bay area has the highest breast cancer rate in the nation? Guess what? Most of their water is fluoridated and yes, there have been studies done linking fluoride and its accompanying heavy metals to cancer. I’m not saying there is a connection in the Bay Area. I have no way of knowing yet but it sure makes me wonder.
Keep poisons out of our water! VOTE YES ON S !!!
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