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WAMM Endorses Wormhoudt

WAMM points out Mardi's long unequivocal support of medical marijuana
A Message from Valerie & Mike Corral, Co-Founders of the WoMen's Alliance for Medical Marijuana:

Reelect Mardi Wormhoudt for 3rd District Supervisor.

During this time of election promises and political diatribe we thought we'd talk too, about our personal experience with Mardi Wormhoudt. For nearly eight years she has served our district. From our perspective she has supported issues that are important in preseving the uniqueness of our community.

Woven among these issues, Mardi has demonstrated her commitment to Prop 215 by supporting access to medical marijuana long before it was fashionable or politically correct.

Check the political history of a candidate before checking the box, if he doesn't have history, then he may be premature in asking for our vote. ...

Don't forget to vote!
Valerie & Mike Corral

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