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No To Logging On City Watershed Land, Meeting Tues.

All out Tuesday!
Letter to Steve Argue,
FYI - this was a campaign issue for you, as I recall.
Thomas Leavitt

This Tues. 3:00pm, a report from the Watershed Technical Advisory
Committee will come before the Santa Cruz City Council recommending that logging not be conducted on the City's watershed lands. It would be great if there were a decent turnout to help the City Council adopt this proposal. Bill Kocher, City Water Director, has added some of the costs of restoration and management as well as figures on the loss of revenue to the report going to Council. This may make some Council members shy of doing the right thing.

Jodi Fredi

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now's are chance, everyone! tell the fuckers that trees are not here to subsidize the city's and the university's gluttonous and ravenous expeditures.


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