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Local Car Pooling To Mumia Event

Rides available 10:00 AM Sunday morning. Call Steve at 454-0272
National Conference on Civil Liberties, Democratic Rights and the Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, 2002

FRIDAY, November 15
*6pm - Initial registration (Valley Life Sciences Bldg.) - Note new location!
$5 - $10 sliding scale
*7:30pm - Opening session / keynote speakers (Valley Life Sciences Bldg.)

SATURDAY, November 16
*9am Registration (Dwinelle Hall)
*10am - Opening plenary / keynote speakers, (Dwinelle Hall)
*11:30am - 5:15pm - Fifty workshops
(scheduled in three sessions: 11:30; 1:30; 3:45)
*5:30pm - 7:15pm - Special reception - light dinner with keynote speakers, $15. For reservations call 415-695-7745 or purchase tickets at the registration table
*7:30pm - Final Session / Special Benefit / Public Rally!
(Valley Life Sciences Bldg.) $10 - Note new location!


Updated Alphabetical List of Confirmed Plenary Speakers and Workshop
Leaders so far:

Kiilu Nyasha - Connecting the Dots Radio program on KPOO listener
sponsored radio in S.F.
Pam Africa - International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal
Terry Bisson - Author of Ona Move (2000 Mumia biography)
Robert Bloom - Earth First! Attorney
Daryl Cherney - Earth First!
Ling Chi-Wang - Department of Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley
Company of Prophets - Hip Hop Artists
Riva Enteen - Program Director, Bay Area National Lawyers Guild
Kevin Epps - Filmmaker of "Straight Out of Hunter's Point"
Michael Franti - Hip Hop Artist, Power to the Peaceful Festivals, Spearhead
Amy Goodman - Democracy Now! Pacifica Radio
Cristina Vasquez Gutierrez - Compaņeros del Barrio
Laura Herrera - Co-Coordinator, Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
Andre Herron, Board of Directors, N. Calif. ACLU
Jack Heyman - Executive Board, ILWU Local 10
Walter Johnson - Secretary-Treasurer, S.F. Labor Council
JR - Co-editor of S.F. Bay View
Marlene Kamish & Eliot Grossman - Attorneys for Mumia Abu-Jamal
Tracy Kostenbader - Chicago Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
Jim Lafferty - Executive Director, L.A. National Lawyers Guild
Gloria La Riva - National Committee to Free the Cuban Five
Jo Laurence & Lisa Porter - Peace By Peace Walk, Berkeley to DC/NY Walk for Peace, Visited Mumia September, 2002
Barbara Lubin - Director, Middle East Children's Alliance
Jeff Mackler - A National Coordinator of Mumia's defense
Devorah Major - Poet Laureate of San Francisco
Bob Mandel - Executive Board, Oakland Education Association
Jason Mateo - Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Youth Speaks
Derrel Meyers - Jo Jo White Solidarity Committee
Naru - Hip Hop Artist
Gus Newport - Former Berkeley Mayor
Paris - Hip Hop Artist
Diane Patterson - Peace Organizer, Singer-Songwriter
Jack Rasmus - Playwright
Zachary RunningWolf - Native American Leader, SF to Philadelphia Run for Mumia
Wanda Sabir - Journalist, S.F. Bay View
Michel Shehadeh - Former Western Regional Director, American-Arab
Anti-Discrimination Committee; Free Palestine Alliance
Maudelle Shirek - Berkeley City Council
Linda Six Feathers - Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
Morton Sobell - Co-defendant and friend of the Rosenbergs
Michael Steven Smith - Author, Che's FBI File
Lynne Stewart - Defense attorney facing 40 years in prison under Patriot Act
Clarence Thomas - ILWU
David Walters - San Francisco Labor Party
Donna Warren - Green Party, Peace and Freedom Party
Greg Wilhoit - Freed from death row
Michael Yamamoto - Past President, California Attorney for Criminal Justice

List of Workshops - November 16, 2002:

Mobilizing the Labor Movement to Free Mumia: a Labor Action Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal workshop with Jack Heyman, Executive Board, ILWU Local 10 and others

Mumia's Attorneys Explain their Legal Strategy and how you can help to free Mumia, a workshop with Eliot Grossman and Marlene Kamish, attorneys for Mumia Abu-Jamal (three sessions). Labor Action Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal will be co-hosting all three of these workshops

Mumia in the Public Schools and Universities with Bob Mandel, Executive Board, Oakland Education Association

The Black Radical Congress, Black Liberation and Mumia with Karega Hart

Building the National/Local Movement to Free Mumia with reps from local Mumia Committees, Rusty Gilbert, Chicago Committee to free MAJ; Jim Lafferty, LA Committee to Free MAJ and others

The Case of Lynne Stewart: Attorney-client Privilege Under Attack; Defense attorney facing 40 years in prison under Patriot Act

Civil Liberties, Anti-terrorism and the Case of the Cuban Five, Gloria La
Riva, National Committee to Free the Cuban Five

Communities of Faith and the Death Penalty with Cristina Gutierrez,
Compaņeros del Barrio

The Confession of Arnold Beverly: "Innocence is no Defense" - A video-taped presentation and commentary

Connecting the Dots: Political prisoners tell it like it is: Jericho
Amnesty Movement presents a video workshop

Creating a Concrete Plan to Free Political Prisoners: Family, Supporters
and Former Political Prisoners Speak Out! with David Hilliard, Yuri
Kochiyama, Njinga Conway, Mel Mason, Esperanza Martell, Marina Drummer, Bob Mandel, Karen Wald and others (three sessions)

Critical Resistance: prisons, prison labor, the prison industrial complex

The Domestic War on Terrorism: the new McCarthyism and the old, with Morton Sobell, McCarthy-era witchhunt frameup victim

Earth First! Victory against the FBI and Oakland Police with Daryl Cherney

Ending the Death Machine: A winning strategy, a workshop of Lance Lindsay, Death Penalty Focus and Derrel Meyers, Jo Jo White Solidarity Committee

Freeing Mumia is a Feminist Issue, a Bay Area Radical Women workshop with Toni Mendocino

From Cointelpro to Patriot: Political Prisoners and Domestic
Counterinsurgency: Jericho Amnesty Movement

"From Death Row, This is Mumia Abu-Jamal": Using Mumia's Radio Commentaries with Noelle Hanrahan, Prison Radio Project

Gay and Lesbian Rights: Mumia and the Fight Against Discrimination

Globalization and the New Generation of Activist Youth

Green Politics, the Environment and Social Justice with Donna Warren, Green Party for California Lieutenant for Governor

Greg Wilhoit: Wrongfully Convicted and Freed Death Row Prisoner Speaks Out! with KPFA's Leslie Kean

The Independent Media: The necessity of a critical voice, hosted by Sarah Olsen, SF Liberation Radio with Amy Goodman, "Democracy Now!"

Indigenous Rights and Mumia's Rights: A workshop with Zachary RunningWolf, Native American Leader, SF to Philadelphia Run for Mumia; Jo Laurence and Lisa Porter, Berkeley to DC/NY Peace-By-Peace Walk, also visited Mumia in September 2002

Intervention Abroad, Repression at Home, a Town Hall Committee Against War and Hate workshop with Tom Condit

Learning from Women Prisoners: a workshop by the California Coalition for Women Prisoners

Legislation for Oppression: The Anti-Terrorism & Effective Death Penalty
Act and the Patriot Act with Jim Lafferty, NLG, LA & Michel Shedaheh, past Western Regional Director, American Arab Anit-Discrimination Committee Leonard Peltier: Freedom for all Political Prisoners with Linda Sixfeathers and Russell Redner, Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

Lori Berenson, US Foreign Policy and Repression Abroad: a workshop by the Lori Berenson Defense Committee

"MUMIA, RAP AND REVOLUTION: How does spoken word impact our
liberation struggle?"

Peace and Freedom and the Fight for Mumia's Life, a Peace and Freedom Party workshop

People of Color are the Missing Link in the Mumia Movement, a workshop by CORE

Racism, Anti-terrorism and the Assault on Immigrant Rights

Racism in Palestine: Internment of Middle Eastern People at Home, a
workshop by the SF America-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

Racism and Repression of Dissent, Lessons of the Black Panther Party with David Hilliard, former leader, Black Panther Party

Rap, Politics and Mumia with Michael Franti, Paris, Kevin Epps, devorah
major, JR, Naru, Jason Mateo, Wanda Sabir and Company of Prophets

The Role of Intellectuals in the Fight for Human Rights with Terri Bisson, author, "Ona Move: A Biography of Mumia Abu-Jamal" and Jack Rasmus, Poet and Playwright

The Struggle Against War and Racism and the Fight for Mumia's Freedom, a workshop by the International Action Center

The Trashing of the Constitution and the Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Riva Enteen, Program Director, National Lawyers Guild and Michael Steven Smith, author, "Politics on Trial" and "Che's FBI Files"

Two Cases Full of Holes: Don't let them kill San Quentin death row inmates Kevin Cooper and Stanley "Tookie" Williams


Mumia Abu-Jamal is an internationally known award-winning journalist and innocent death row political prisoner.

Framed for a murder of a police officer in 1981, his judges refuse to allow the introduction of massive evidence proving his innocence, including the confession of the actual killer, Arnold Beverly.

Mumia's struggle for justice and freedom is supported by Amnesty
International; the European Parliament; the California Labor Federation and hundreds of national, state, and local trade unions; the Japanese Diet; the SF, Berkeley and Detroit city councils; the city government of Paris, France; and tens of thousand of supporters of civil liberties and
democratic rights across the globe.

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Carpools available Saturday Morning at 10AM

Call Steve for details about Saturday carpooling to the Berkeley conference on Mumia. Sunday carpools may be available also, to the follow-up event.

On Sunday there will be a follow-up event at The Humanist Hall 390 27th St, Oakland.

Paying Tribute To Women As The Backbone In The Struggle To Free
Political Prisoners
Sunday, November 17th 2pm -6pm

Humanist Hall, 390 27th st,
Oakland (between Broadway & Telegraph)

Celebrate the contributions of women as we pay tribute to :
Amy Goodman, Democracy Now

Yuri Kochiyama, David Wong Defense Committee

Pam Africa, International. Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-
Esperanza Martell, Movimiento Pro Libertad
Zulma Olivero, Comite'
Talibah Shakir, Donovan Jackson Defense Committee
Njinga Conway, Eddie Conway Defense Committee
Quetzaoceloaciua, Barrio Defense Committee
Cleo Silvers, Workers to Free Mumia
Carol Seligman, Socialist Workers organization
Karen Wald, On Cuban Political Prisoners

Come and enjoy a celebration of spirit, Music, Spoken word, hip hop
and dance
**Lado Oriente
playing Caribbean, Cumbia, Bomba y plena music
Together Everyone Achieves More Performing
Dance, Hip Hop, Spoken word

Hot Food Will Be Available, So Come Eat With Us!
This Program Is Dedicated To:

Ana Montes *** Marilyn Buck *** Evelyn Schoenfeld

Hosted by: Labor Action Committee to Free Mumia Abu Jamal

Participating: Movimiento Pro Libertad * David Wong Defense
Committee* Eddie Conway Defense committee* Committee for "chip"
Fitzgerald at Seaside* Donovan Jackson Defense Committee * ILWU-Local
10 * Barrio Defense Committee * The Angola 3 Coalition* American
Indian Movement (local Chapter) Committee to free the 5 Cuban PP's

For more information, please call
(408) 295-2842, (510) 535-1318
or e
(Labor Donated)


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