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Next Peace and Freedom Party Meeting

All are invited to the next Peace & Freedom Party meeting
Up coming Peace & Freedom Party Meeting

The next meeting of the Santa Cruz Peace and Freedom Party will be held Thurs. night at 7:00 PM at 1135 N. Branciforte. All are invited.

Agenda items will include:
A. Getting the Peace & Freedom Party back on the state-wide ballot. We are very close to this goal and may have already reached it with 70,000 voters registered with the Peace and Freedom Party and the number of registrants required changing out of this past election. Still the government continues to purge our registrants that have not voted for the past two years so a continued campaign that includes informing the public of the need for our party will be necessary to get the new registrants needed to stay on the ballot.

B. Analysis of the recent city elections and charting the course forward for victory in 2004.

C. Establishing that the our meeting, and continued meetings, will be the official representation of the Peace & Freedom Party in Santa Cruz and that the attempts of Mike Smith to make endorsements on his own or through straw polls that purposely do not include key members such as Steve Argue and Jennifer Gosk, thus subverting the democracy of our organization, will no longer be tolerated.

D. A decision will be made on withdrawing Mike and Maurine Smith's past undemocratic endorsement of City Council member Ed Porter. Ed Porter is a local chair of the Democrat Party and a recent author of the newest downtown ordinances which are directed against the poor, political activists, and street musicians. The decision by Mike and Maurine to endorse him was made despite a vote by the membership to do the opposite. If we decide to withdraw support for Ed Porter we should also discuss ways of making this decision public.

E. Car-pooling to the Mumia event in Berkley.

F. Finances.

G. Next meeting time.

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Minutes and proposals of November 14th Peace and Freedom Party meeting.

Minutes and proposals of November 14th Peace and Freedom Party meeting.

Present: Steve Argue, Jennifer Gosk, Bernard Klitzner, and Chris Brozda

1. It was decided that since the meeting was organized in only two days the number of members present wasn’t large enough to make the key decisions that were proposed in the original agenda. So it was decided that this meeting would instead be a planning meeting for the next meeting to be held Saturday Dec. 7th at 1:30 PM at the Louden Nelson Center. In the time between we will contact the over 600 members of the Party in Santa Cruz County to try to gain their attendance at the meeting.

2. Re-establishment of the Santa Cruz Peace and Freedom Party. Since the party has not met locally for two years the following guidelines will be discussed for adoption at the Dec. 7th meeting:

a. In re-establishing democracy in the local Peace and Freedom Party this membership meeting, and future membership meetings, will be recognized as the highest decision making body of the Peace and Freedom Party in the County.

b. All registered members of the Peace and Freedom Party in Santa Cruz County will have the right to vote and the right to be present at the meeting. This will give all party members a voice and vote including active members who were excluded from the former County Central Committee.

c. Decisions will be made by simple majority vote of the membership. This will be in the best traditions of the democratic socialist movement. It will also differentiate us from the Green Party whose consensus decision-making undemocratically allows minority views to keep the majority from taking action in the name of the party.

3. Establishment of future active membership rules.

a. All present at the county Peace and Freedom Party’s founding meeting Dec. 7th will not have to be voted in as active members. At future meetings, however, the active membership will then have the ability to decide on confirming or denying future active members through simple majority vote. This should not be seen as anything more than a tool for the majority to prevent disruption of the party’s activities, while generally not excluding anyone genuinely interested in building the party and its activities. As a general guideline those not known by the active membership should have to attend one meeting or participate in party activities before being brought in as an active member.

b. Active membership status shall be maintained by keeping dues in good standing, participating in party campaigns, and by attending meetings on a fairly regular basis.

4. Dues shall be established for active members in order to help fund the activities of the Party. Proposed dues:

a. Unemployed or low-income workers making $700 or less a month pay $1.00 per month.
b. Those making between $700 and $1,000 pay $5.00 per month.
c. Those making between $1,000 and $1,700 pay 8.00 per month.
d. Those making $1,700 or more per month pay 15.00 per month.

5. We will discuss up-coming campaigns of the Peace and Freedom Party. These will of course include the campaign to get and/or keep the Peace and Freedom Party on the ballot as well as activity opposing war with Iraq, calling for the freedom of Mumia Abu-Jamal, activities such as merry Monday opposing the downtown ordinances, and other important causes we should recruit from and introduce new members to. Additional ideas for campaigns include:

a. A referendum to put rent control or the sleeping ban on the ballot. These campaigns would have the positive impact of educating people more on the platform of the Peace and Freedom Party as the next campaign would as well.

b. A campaign to put preference voting on the ballot.

c. A drive to recall city council members Rotkin, Matthews, and Fitzmaurice (or perhaps other City Council members). This could have the positive impact of further educating the public on how bad these politicians really are.

d. Focus energy on participating in and building movements such as the anti-war movement where we can be outspoken opponents of the war mongers of the Democrat and Republican Parties as well as outspoken opponents of capitalism and imperialism in general and thereby register voters with our party and recruit active members.


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