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Tell Rep. Farr, It's Time to Stop the War !

UCSC Students are urging the community to join them at McHenry Library Wednesday November 20th at 12:30 to March through Campus Down to Bay and High Streets. There, after a speak-out, more may march through town. Rep. Farr voted against the Iraqi war, but on the same day supported the biggest military bill in history. Join us at his office at 701 Ocean St. 3rd Floor of the County Bldg. Wednesday afternoon at 3 PM. While there is still time.
Tell Sam Farr: Stop the War !

Third Floor County Building 701 Ocean St.
3 PM Wednesday November 20th


In October 10 on the same day Rep. Sam Farr voted with 132 other represenatives against Bush’s blank check for
War in Iraq, Farr also voted for the largest war appropriation in U.S. history ($355 billion)--see story below.
In May of 1999 on two occasions, we demanded Farr vote to stop the U.S. bombing of Yugoslavia. At that time about a dozen declined to leave his office until we got a satisfactory statement from him. He refused and we were arrested on two occasions. No charges were ever filed against us, though we were briefly handcuffed, held in custody, & released. Farr ultimately responded by requesting a (brief) “bombing pause”. The Yugoslavia war ended shortly thereafter with Yugoslavian withdrawal from Albania and the further dismemberment of the country.
With warclouds about to rain blood, it seems to me particularly important to encourage people throught the country to descend on their representatives office in significant numbers and not leave until the politicians break with the brutal Bush War Juggernaut. I suggest any or all of the following demands be presented to Farr (whether phrased as “demands” or not, they need to be demands):

1. Demand No U.S. War Against Iraq Regardless of U.S.-maneuvered UN resolutions, Congressional caving, and Bush propaganda, it seems quite clear that Iraq is far less of a threat than many other nations that we have no intention of going to war with. It is clear that the presence of biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons in the hands of abusive rulers (pick a country) cannot be dealt with by immediately escalating to war.
We ask for a simple resolution stipulating that no Congressional funding shall support a War Against Iraq unless and until there is an attack upon the U.S. or upon some neighboring country. Bush’s pre-emptive war doctrine is an Imperial invitation to carnage and holocaust. While we can be hopeful that the findings of the UN Weapons Inspection team and subsequent Security Council/General Assembly decisions will reflect a saner policy, we cannot count on this.

2. Repudiate the War Budget Vote. Though Farr was part of the 133 bloc voting against the Iraqi Force resolution (approved in the House of Representatives 296-133), he was not part of the 409-14 vote on the same day passing the War Budget. We need him to join Rep. Barbara Lee and Maxine Waters in declaring his opposition to this wasteful and dangerous appropriation.

3, Call Publicly For and Seek a Congressional Vote on Stopping the Bombing of Iraq. The bombing of Iraq is an act of war, the abusive behavior of a bully, ineffective even in Bush’s “regime change” plans, and kills live innocent human beings. It has been going on for
years. It needs to be stopped now.

4. Demand Funds Apportioned for War Be Redirected to Rebuild the Water System that U.S. Bombing Destroyed in Iraq-- UN estimates claim at least 500,000 children have died in the last decade as a function of this and the sanctions.

5. Demand that Economic Sanctions be Lifted The sanctions have always been an excuse for “regime-change”. Iraqi troops are out of Kuwait. Punishing the Iraqi people for Hussein's criminal conduct is stupid, cruel, and ineffective. More than 85% of the so-called
“weapons of mass destruction” were gone as of 1998 when U.N. inspectors left the country because the U.S. was going to bomb again.

6. Demand that the War Appropriation Money be Transferred to pay for the many U.S. Casualties of the Gulf War (soldiers now suffering from Gulf War syndrome,
psychological and physical aftereffects, long denied by the military but very real to Vets). (I don’t have lots of documentation on this, but believe its there.)

7. Demand that the Bush regime address its own abusive weapons problem: ranging from unnecessary Nuclear Weapons ranging down to Cluster Bombs, Depleted Uranium, and Land Mines.

Quick mobilization of public opinion against this Rally-Round- the-Bush lethal nonsense seems essential. I don’t think we have much time. Bush officials have already threatened war in the wake of Saddam Hussein’s ineffectual anti-aircraft response to recent (unauthorized) US bombing raids. A few days before they were saying that unless Hussein made a specific declaration of the presence of “weapons of mass destruction” by December 8th, that would be another pretext for war. The Congress has shown itself to be useless, even more so in the wake
of the recent “elections”.

We need to quickly replicate the hundreds of thousands who turned out in Florence last week and in London the month before. That kind of protest might stop this War Machine.

Farr Backs War Appropriation

WASHINGTON, Oct. 11, 2002 (AP) The House overwhelmingly approved on Thursday a compromise $355.4 billion defense bill brimming with money for new destroyers, helicopters & missiles & granting President Bush most of the Pentagon buildup he requested following last year's terrorist attacks.

While the day's spotlight shone on the congressional debate over authorizing Mr. Bush to use force against Iraq, the massive defense spending package — one-sixth of the entire federal budget — underlined the bipartisan consensus behind beefing up the military. Quick Senate approval was also expected, and White House press secretary Ari Fleischer said Mr. Bush looks forward to signing the measure into law because it will "ensure that we provide our troops in the field with the resources they need to fight terrorism and
defend freedom."

The bill's 409-14 passage, less than four weeks before congressional elections, also reflected a desire by Democrats to head off campaign-season accusations by Mr. Bush that they had delayed a measure urgently needed in the U.S. effort against terrorism. Most of Congress' budget work has been stalled because the president wants to spend less than Democrats and even some Republicans want. The bill's popularity was also a tribute to the billions it would spend from coast to coast for weapons and other equipment.

Included was $3.3 billion for 15 Air Force C-17 transport aircraft - $586 million more than Mr. Bush requested — which the Boeing Co. has been building in Long Beach, Calif.; and $270 million for 19 Army Blackhawk helicopters — seven more than Mr. Bush sought — built by the Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. of Stratford, Conn.

The defense bill, for the federal budget year that started Oct. 1, represents a $34 billion, or 11 percent,increase over last year. Bush sought $367 billion, but ran into bipartisan distaste for his proposal for a $10 billion fund he could tap without congressional input for combating terrorists overseas.

From weapons procurement and research to the costs of training troops, virtually every category of Pentagon spending is being beefed mup. Included in the bill was money for a 4.1 percent pay raise for military personnel, for two more AEGIS destroyers and a new attack submarine, and nearly all of the $7.4 billion Mr. Bush requested to keep developing a national missile defense system. Following a deal struck earlier this year, the bill would follow Bush's lead and scuttle the Army's high-technology Crusader artillery program and provide $369 million to develop alternatives.

In one of the few notes of discord, Democrats complained that House-Senate bargainers had dropped a Senate-approved provision barring U.S. companies that move to overseas tax havens from winning Pentagon contracts... The House approved a military construction bill that would spend $800 million more than Mr. Bush wanted. Items added by lawmakers included $15 million for a community center at Fort Richardson, Alaska, and $10.5 million for bachelors' quarters at Pascagoula Naval Station in Mississippi.


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Farr's Office Locked at Mid-Day

On arriving at Rep. Sam Farr’s office on the 3rd floor of the County Buildingbetween 3 and 3:30 p.m., I found a note on the door which read:
“Congressman Sam Farr’s office will be closed from 1:15 until the close of business today, Wednesday, November 20, 2001. We will re-open at 9:00 p.m.
tomorrow, Tuesday [the writer probably meant “Thursday”], November 21, 2001. We regret any inconvenience.”

Someone had handwritten underneath “No, you don’t. Even your answering machine is a lie. Sam Farr is not here and wasn’t here today. (signed) a Constituent Veteran and Senior”

A peace activist added, “Boo! Open the office and Stop the War!”

Ten of us eventually met outside Farr’s office. An administrative aide in Fred Keely’s office next door told us that one of the Farr staff was sick and another one had left early to go to a meeting. Many of us were skeptical.

The majority of us committed to returning Friday November 22nd at 2:30 p.m. to raise the questions we wanted to raise today. We also left a copy of the flyer “Tell Sam Far: Stop the War!” which cited seven demands (Stop the War, Repudiate the War Budget Vote, Stop Bombing Iraq, Rebuild the Bombed Water Facilities, Lift Economic Sanctions, Transfer War Appropriation MOney to Vet Casualtes of First Gulf War, and Inspect/Eliminate Our Own Genocidal Weaponry).

We also left a letter which read:

“November 20, 2002
Congressman Sam Farr,
We are very disappointed to find you out of your office in th is time of world crisis. As a representative of this communityk, it is your responsibility to be present for your constituents. We are leaving our list of concerns and urge yout o address them
immediately. You may contact us at standingunited4peace (at) .
We found your office locked and no staff members here, even though your office hours are posted 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.
This was a disappointment to the ten of us who took time out of our workdays to come and represent the community and speak with you. Please call Nick Reynolds (831) 502-3262 to arrange a meeting time.

(signed) Robert, Marla, Bernard, Tim, Nick, Denlin, Jennifer, Mish, Darwin, and Marcia”

Please join us on Friday to raise these questions with Farr’s staff (and hopeful with Farr). Hopefully we will have greater numbers. And hopefully we will inspire other Americans to make demand of their representatives why they are letting Bush lead us off
to war.
Please let me know your comments.
--Robert Norse


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