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"Trade something you have, for something you want"

BARTER - the oldest form of recyling.

Save our resources - BARTER!
"Trade something you have, for something you want"

BARTER - the oldest form of recyling.

Save our resources - BARTER!
From the Santa Cruz Barter Website:

Santa Cruz Barter was founded by two community-minded residents of Santa Cruz County.

Joe's a Programmer, Jan's a Marketing and Outreach Specialist.

We built this web site because we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have the things they want, whether it's an 'item' or a service.

Bartering is the oldest way known to humankind of exchanging goods and services.

It's fun, it's community oriented and, best of all, you don't have to use your hard-earned money to pay for things you want - you can just trade something for them.

If you have ideas or suggestions for us, please contact us.
admin (at)

Thank you for using Santa Cruz Barter. Enjoy!

Santa Cruz Barter is
dedicated to helping
the community and to having
a site that is fun.
We encourage everyone to have
a good life.

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SCB Imagine the Possibilities

Personsal Testimony on Santa Cruz Barter:

I have not yet visited E-bay or Craig's List, but Santa Cruz Barter drew my interest immediately.

It looks great, so I gave it try.

After registering for the service, I posted an offer of tickets to a Beck show.

This website is fantastic.

It builds on the growing grassroots movement for alternative economies

Ithaca, NY, Berkeley, CA, and many other towns and cities (does SC?) have alternative currencies.

The Green Festival in San Francisco was a large manifestation of grassroots efforts for socially and environmentally aware businesses.

Thank you for working towards the alternatives,



What about taxes? Are sales taxes to be paid on the bartered items? If so, how does one pay?

fuck taxes!

the whole point is to leave the government out of it! that's what bartering is for. a trade economy allows us to reject the exploitative practices of capitalism and share with each other. no, you aren't going to be paying any taxes!


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