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Cooper's Street

Song relating to downtown ordinances.
p.s. email me if you are interested in Busker's Guild
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Song relating to downtown ordinances.
p.s. email me if you are interested in Busker's Guild
I gave this song relating to the downtown ordinances, actually I wrote it for one particular spare-changer, to a couple of friends and they seemed to like it, so I’m posting it here.

This verse was extra...

Got me a sweet smellin
Candi bag
a bookshop sack
turning to rags
a holey shoe
an awful hack

To Cooper Street
I keep coming back

...Here’s the lyrics:

Cooper’s Street -Robert Nahas

Got a quarter
Got a dime
I know what I’m sayin’s
an anti-social crime
but sweet honey
I need some money

on Cooper St.
got nothin to eat

Scraggly old weed poking through
the sidewalk’s crack
they sprayed some Round-up
but it keeps coming back

To Cooper St.
through that sidewalk crack

gentle people
you know me
I’d never hurt
my bladder’s bustin
I gots to pee

On Cooper’s St.
In Cooper’s St.

Mister Twister
Twisted Sister
Mr. Noddy
Lady Haughty
Rowdy rogues ranting
rhyth-mic-cal rhymes

On Cooper’s St.
It can’t be beat

hangin out on Cooper’s St.
lovin’ people are here to meet
everyone’s comin here to share
stories ‘bout going from here to there
hangin’ out on Cooper’s St.
everyone’s gonna get something to eat

sun comes up on the
political horizon
Council Treaty
most obliging
political prostitution
a fancy solution

To Cooper St.
I keep comin’ back
To Cooper’s St.

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Robert Norse

Robert--it's nice of you to post an ostensibly street people-friendly song on the web here.

Still, I think you can understand, I'm curious. Do you oppose the new Reilly-Porter ordinances that criminalize the people you pay tribute to from sitting or peacefully sparechanging from 95% of the sidewalk?

Do you oppose the upcoming 14' forbidden zones that will go into effect January 15th for street performers and political activists?

Do you oppose police moves this last spring and summer that made the old Voluntary Street Performers Guidelines a dead letter?

Those who hear your song and read your lyrics would assume you do oppose these oppressive actions and ordinances. Is that the case?

Re: Other Robert

Geez, Robert did you like the fucking song er what?

After I called into your radio show, I tried sending it to your email, but it kept crapping out, so I ended up posting it here.

Pics One More Time

(article 1)
(article 1)
see if it works one more time.

Pics One More Time

(article 2)
(article 2)
see if it works one more time.

What about them crazy Downtown Ordinances, Mr. Composer?

Nice photos. Thanks for the multiple attempts to post them.

I like the lyrics, not wild about the music. I appreciate your spreading the word about the busquer's guild.

Now, any thoughts of the questions I asked above?
Since we are now in the process of trying to form a consensus to oppose the Downtown Ordinances, I'm wondering whether you find them as repugnant as I do. I'd like to see us unified in opposing all these bad laws that criminalize a person's location rather than her/his behavior.

I'm also concerned that street performers retain some solidarity with other broader groups of people where "no sitting" and "no peaceful sparechanging" zones have been expanded to rule out 95% of the sidewalk. Otherwise they will divide us and strip the other group of their rights.
We can't feel good about that.

I know you have been following this controversy a long time. Since you are encouraging people to organize into a guild (which I commend), I think it's only fair to ask you to state publicly how you stand on these issues.

Give the questions a shot if you can. Thanks.


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