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MediaWatch: Bloomberg Reports Few People Using Med Pot Laws(!!)

Few Patients Use Marijuana as Medicine, U.S. Says (Update1)
By John Lauerman
The article points out that med pot is legal in 4 states including California, but carefully avoids mention of overt federal assaults on the patients and providers (including licensed physicians) in these states who attempt to use these laws, including the 2002 rash of armed federal assaults on legal dispenseries.

Pure propaganda, to give the impression that there are very few people interested in medical marijuana, and that Medical Use laws only benefit "drug dealers" (who we're now told are all funding "terrorists".)


Few Patients Use Marijuana as Medicine, U.S. Says (Update1)
By John Lauerman

Washington, Nov. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Few patients took advantage of laws in four U.S. states that allow marijuana use for medical purposes, a congressional report said.

About 2,450 people in Oregon, Alaska and Hawaii registered to use marijuana to treat pain, muscle spasms, nausea from chemotherapy and other ailments, according to a General Accounting Office report. In four California counties with registries, the rate was also less than 1 percent.

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