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Everybody Must Get Stoned

Everybody Must Get Stoned



Coonerty already has at least one eager
buyer for his bumper stickers: Andrea
Tischler of the Compassion Flower Inn.
“Who cares if the media thinks Santa Cruz
is weird and wacky? Weird is not bad.
Weird is why we are here,” says Tischler,
who, besides plastering weird bumper
stickers to her, presumably, weird
weirdmobile, is urging the city to consider
deputizing people to run medical
marijuana dispensaries in the city .
Two weeks ago, the council deputized
WAMM co-founders Valerie and Michael
Corrala move aimed to increase the
legal protection of the couple, who have
not yet been charged with any crimes in
connection with the Sept. 5 raid on their
farm, but have been unable to get the
DEA to return equipment, including
computers, not to mention 167
chain-sawed marijuana plants.
“We support Valerie and Michael being
deputized, but these are just feel-good
tokens on the part of the city. In addition
to the 250 patients that WAMM serves,
there are 2,000 other patients whose
needs aren’t being addressed,” said
Tischler, whose B&B is a safe haven for
medical marijuana patients as well as
regular customers.
“We get people from Canada admiring
what they think are our ‘maple leaves’ but
we don’t try to indoctrinate them. People
can bring marijuana into their rooms and
use it, but we don’t dispense cannabis,”
says Tischler.
Though the city has an ordinance
permitting dispensaries in certain areas,
it does not address how many plants a
medical marijuana patient can grow.
“We need to sit down with the City
Council, sharpen our pencils and come up
with a number, so law enforcement is
aware of those parameters,” says
Tischler, who gets “about 20 calls a week
from patients asking how much they can
grow. Five or 50 plants? No one knows.
Right now, medical marijuana patients
are having to buy on the street. So, it’s
important that we not be hypocritical. If
the city says it supports medical
marijuana rights, it should support
themno matter what the rest of the
country thinks. Mike Rotkin is concerned
about our ‘everybody must get stoned
image,’ but we are not saying that. And I
am definitely gonna get one of those
bumper stickers!”
Reached by phone in Washington, Rotkin
said, “The city is prepared to work with
dispensaries, if they are prepared to have
the same level of commitment to rules
and record keeping as WAMM.”

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