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Art and Revolution Actions: January2003

Iraq Invasion Emergency Puppet response/action when the US starts bombing.
Iraq Invasion Emergency Puppet response/action when the US starts bombing.
Hey there Artistas! & Revolutionaries!

I hope this new year brings you fresh inspiration to overcome the forces that bring hearts down, the forces that divide people. Find a spark and burn bright- into the night. May compassion in the human spirit triumph, despite all obstacles of nations, technology, power and oppression. May your hearts sing.

Now to the work/play:

Last Monday nights' monthly meeting was a good omen and a great start. Energized with laughter and creativity a small group of us (long time A&R folk and new participants) had lots to talk about before things started. We strategized and planned, talked and brain-stormed from 7:30 to 9 with good results.

This is what we have for you, fine friends:

1. We're finishing the move of our Puppets and props from their long-time home near Natural Bridges on the west-side to their new home a few blocks away. We'll be moving the final puppets/props/cardboard trees and missiles/etc. this coming Sunday, January 12, from 10:30am till 1:30pm.

We're meeting at 126 Merced at 10:30. If you'd like to see the inventory of what we have, or get to know us please join in. The more help the faster we can take care of the logistics which leaves time for Brainstorming fun!
call Jeff at 475-1925 or Grant at 457-2565 if you'd
like to car pool or a ride to the site.

2. Saturday, January 11 in S.F. 12-5 pm at the Redstone Building, 16th and Capp St. SF A&R folk and street theatre activists will be doing Invisible Theatre (developed by Augusto Boal) performances. The brief basic scenarios (with provocative, well thought out simple scripts) includes up to 100 Bay area actor-vists who will be posing as Homeland
In-Security Agents and/or regular folk. Engaging each other and bypassers in susinct but provocative public conversations/interactions re; surveillance, civil rights, security, government, patriotism, etc. They will probably be doing this again during the Jan 18 mass Anti-War
demonstrations in SF as well. Any and all A&R activists are welcome to participate. If you'd like to carpool there email shreyabollock (at) or call Grant at 426-2292 If you'd like a more complete description of the action e-mail grantaliscious (at) and I'll forward the specifics to you.

3. Wednesday January 15 at 7pm at the Wired Wash we'll be having our monthly Brainstorm session (lounge beside Saturn Cafe, on the Laurel St. side- past washing machines).

At present 3 storms are brewing :
1. A&R actions/puppet/ prop/participation in the Anti-War Demonstrations Jan 18.
2. Possible civil rights actions on MLK's Birthday, Mon. Jan 20 (and MLK convocation at the Civic, Wed. Jan 23). 3. Iraq Invasion Emergency Puppet response/action when the US starts bombing.
4. Monday February 3 is the next monthly A&R meeting at 7pm at the RCNV 515 Broadway.

PS: If you have a freestanding wardrobe or closet or, an extra tall book case or shelving unit you don't need. We're looking for both items that would significantly improve the organizing of space and storage at our new puppet site.

I'll be out of the country from Jan 28-March 18 (in Thailand!), searching for lost puppets and different paths.
Feel free to contact me before then at 426-2292 or
grantaliscious (at)
See you in the streets!

Want to check out local events? The Santa Cruz Peace and Jusice Calendar is a good source:

National A&R web site (with great links):

The Resource Center for Nonviolence (with a substantial local calendar):

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