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Naked Peace in Santa Cruz this Wednesday

Meet Wednesday 10:00am at Bonny Doon Beach.
Clothes off for peace again, this Wednesday, which happens to be Martin Luther King Jr.'s b-day.

Meet 10:00am at Bonny Doon Beach.

This peace sign (we will make with our bodies on Wednesday) will be blasted out to the media as part of a build up for the Jan. 18 demo in SF. I know this isn't the best time for some of you workwise, so if you can't come, or even if you can, please tell five friends to tell five friends to come and participate.

Peace signs are popping up all over-got one from the UK today-so help spread the word.

Sarah Phelan (WomenRise/Metro)

(831) 457.9000 x 214

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What's Underneath the Emperor's Khaki

Go, Sarah! Rumors are also spreading of "counter naked aggression with unclothed resistance" contingents coming to the San Francisco and New York protests this weekend.

Stripping things bare has also been mentioned by some of the more out-front street performers, depending on how much of a "cover up" the Council continues to maintain.

Bodies against bombs before the bombs blow away bodies!

KZSC news radio

My name's Hddie and I am very interested in covering this story on the radio station. Would you mind if I called you for an interview? Or you could call me at 423-7865. I am going on the air on Tuesday at 5:30pm and would be able to reach many people. Please write back whenever you can or give me a call. Thanks,

ya' big bunch of freaks

Let's think about this: a bunch of naked women are going to stop the war? Are you all stoned? What we need are close-ups. If you are going to get naked to make a point, let us see what you have to make a point with. It is clear that many of the people in the picture, even from the distance, should keep their clothes on.


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