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Photos: Naked Peace Demo

Photos of the Naked Peace demo, Wedneday 10am at Bonny Dune beach (article 1)
Photos of the Naked Peace demo, Wedneday 10am at Bonny Dune beach (article 1)
Santa Cruz does two things well. The other is getting stoned.

A couple men, one infant, and 3 dogs joined the otherwise all female display. One or two other plain-looking spectators watched from a distance, but the event went otherwise unnoticed.

Surprisingly, no other media were present (not counting the Metro, since one of their editors was both the organizer and a participant.) Even the Sentinel missed this very timely and classic display of coastal activist style.

Oh well, their loss. >B-)

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A Cheeky Protest

Even as U.S. troops inch toward the Persian Gulf for a possible war with Iraq, anti-war activists say it can be difficult to rally outrage or media interest back home. So a group of Marin County women has resorted to the ultimate attention grabber: getting nude.

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Grow Up

It's really sad when aging hippies still can't seem to grow up when confronted with abject evil as occurred on 9/11. When I think of the devastation of 9/11 and contrast it with the sophomoric posturing of naive, politically impotent pacifists getting naked like a bunch of 1970s streakers, it makes me sick how the public debate and the memories of those who died that day has been cheapened by such adolescent antics.

Now that two-bit exhibitionists can't get centerfold space in a third-rate porn magazine, the rest of us have to suffer such indignities of what appear to be beached whales in undignified poses. It's really pathetic when people's arguments become so intellectually vacuous that they have to resort to such cheap histrionics. Hey, get a good dose of reality, learn to deal with it, smell the coffee and grow up!



> when confronted with abject evil as occurred on 9/11.

What part of "Iraq was not involved in 9/11" don't you understand?

Suppose 11 Canadians were to hijack Chinese planes and crash them likewise into China. Would China be justified in attacking the US?

Because that's how much sense you're making.

Most of the hijackers were Saudi Arabians, not even Iraqis. How does that justify blaming Iraq?

Or suppose 11 guys from Chicago attacked Russia - could Russia then blame the whole USA including Washington and call for Bush to step down (not that Im any fan of ol' King George)?

Your own war fever should frighten even yourself.

You want to blame someone for 9/11? Blame the hijackers - they did it, after all. Oh, Im sorry, they're already dead and that leaves you with no one to vent your gang-mentality tribal anger upon. Tough.

Iraq has not attacked America. If Washington attacks Iraq now, Washington is guilty of terrorism - the same sort of terrorism they're already guilty of, after killing 3000 innocent Afghan civilians last year.

And that's just the tip of the geo-political iceberg. Washington has been attacking sovereign nations on false pretenses for decades now. The body count is staggering. Yet people like you are utterly blind to it.

If you want to wage war against global terrorism, send the US military to bomb Washington DC.


Protest the right things

History bears out the only solution to world problems is coordinated efforts by a world organization. Simplistic passivism and appeasement have done more to encourage international criminals and war than any cause, except religion. It is a matter of fact that the United States has participated in apparent covert and public violations of other nations' sovereignty. These actions, whether justified or not, do not allow the U.S to abdicate its position of world authority and power and its obligation to project that power in the national interest.

As citizens of this country we have the right and obligation to voice our opinions and elect officials that support them. However, once elected, they are our representatives in spite of the polls and political rhetoric. We should demand an open government, that is not dependent on special interests, whether idealogical or economic. We have not had this situation for fifty years.

I believe that 9/11 incident was used to gather support for attacks on the rogue states that have been providing sanction and haven for the discontented, anti-western groups of the world. These groups have instigated and participated in effective terrorist attacks throughout the world. I am not going to attempt to appeal to emotionalism in recounting these incidents. Afghanistan was one of these havens. Iraq is another.

Afghanistan lacked economic power. Although Al-Qaeda had several sources of financial support, they did not have the economic abilities and resources of Iraq. Saddam Hussein has demonstrated his penchant for destruction in response to his perception of reality. If left to his own, he will become a significant power in the middle east and subsequently, the world. If you are not concerned about that eventuality, you don't understand human nature.

Protesters opposing action in Iraq are quick to point out the statements emanating from Europe and the counties middle east opposing action in Iraq. This seems to justify their position but, anti-American sentiment has nothing to do with the Iraqi situation. If you think the United States has engaged in international terrorism, you don't know what terrorism is. Look it up.

I applaud these demonstrators. They are resorting to extremes because of their frustration in getting their views publicized. The voices of individuals are lost in the din of hundreds of millions of voices and blaring, lock-stepped media outlets incapable of gathering independent information or expressing independent views.

Its true courage

As a male, I think it is real courage for these women to
commit themselves to demonstration in the nude.
Real Courage.
Palm Harbor, Florida

Feed Peace, Starve Warmongering

What an inspiring and beautiful sight!!! Thank You. God Bless the peace keepers who grace us with their presence and harmony.

It is absolutely astounding to me that people think that bombing the life out of another country and contaminating the land the air and maiming and toxifying people is an action that is anything other than criminally insane and mentally unbalanced. It is humanity at it's worst.

The 'We will show them' and the 'Right is on our side' 'Might makes right' attitudes are Bullshit, a big bully out of control, no wonder so many people hate us. The way the media and others use 'God Bless America' is blasphemy. Like they think God would condone the killing and destruction of the planet so that our power mongering movers and shakers can do whatever the hell they want to whomever they want to, whenever they want to.

Their tactics of: “ let’s incite our enemies, let them succeed in an attack that will piss our people off so that our people will be behind our military control agendas and by golly God is on our side”, are not new. It is history, with disastrous results, repeating itself once again. Wake Up America!!!!

It is time for a change. Bigger stronger armies and quicker more toxic weapons are not the answer. Mankind has been doing one version or another of this for a long time and inevitably the country that has its true design on a world takeover/control, invites the demise of their own country.

Yes, our nation is faced with difficult situations in regards to the Middle East. I believe this is a time to live up to ideals, not abandon them with cynicism, self interest and ignorance that disguises itself as being realistic. It takes vision, courage, commitment and integrity to turn a situation like this around. Seen any evidence of this lately?

If the rules for engagement we set down are lying to others, reneging on agreements,toxifying their countries, causing and spreading disease amongst their people, supplying their enemies with weapons, what kind of out come can we realistically expect? It is an ugly game that plays with lives of all living things and those that engage in it become the demons that they claim they detest..

The time is now to state clearly and in as many peaceful ways possible that war is not an acceptable alternative. Let us not feed the warmongering mentality.
Kudos to you in Santa Cruz!!!

Santa Cruz

Gawd dammit I love Santa Cruz and its people. This place is Disney Land if you're a surfer or a hippie. I took a road trip heading form Portland Or, to Santa Cruz last summer and it was one of the greatest trips of my life. I heard stories of the mad localization there, but experienced nothing of the sort. Get to know the beach loving, guitar playing, surfer crowd before you pass judgment on them. They were some of the greatest people I've ever met. Disregard the heroine addicts that live in the bushes on the beach, and you have a great crowd of people who would be more than glad to share a nice wave off of Seal Rock with you- As long as you're not a total poser.

Great Social Art

This is my favorite of all the pictures of the naked demonstrations! It makes me laugh and reminds me that we can still assert ourselves with love and humor, no matter what the outcome of decisions made in DC etc. we are still alive and kicking! Right on!

Happy Birthday!

I was glad to see a protest against weapons of mass destruction and for peace on my birthday. What a wonderful gift.



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