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Santa Cruz police presence ridiculous

Santa Cruz police presence ridiculous


January 13, 2003
Sentinel - Letter to the editor

I could not agree with you less on your thumbs up for the downtown
police presence on New Yearís Eve. I went out to dinner downtown,
and as I walked up the street there was a group of seven cops
walking behind me. There were two in the restaurant and a dozen
standing in front of the restaurant, bored to tears. There were more
cops up the street and more cops down the street. They were still
there when I left two hours later. Sheriffs, SCPD, CHP all standing
around, wasting money and resources in an unsightly spectacle of
paranoia definitely does not line up with a pleasant New Yearís
How much did this ridiculous over-the-top police presence cost us,
and why? There was hardly anyone downtown to begin with and most
of us who were there are law-abiding citizens who donít appreciate
feeling they are living in a police state. Did I miss something or is the
quarter- mile stretch of Pacific Avenue loaded with violent felons and
homicidal maniacs? Or is this just another extension of the
narcissistic/paranoid/us-versus-them attitude that seems to
permeate downtown at an ever-increasing rate?
For the record, I am a 41-year-old moderate who has lived here 15
years and has never felt unsafe pretty much anywhere in the county.
I donít need an army of cops with military boots and 3-foot
nightsticks to protect me while I stroll down Pacific Avenue.
Go find something important to do.


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