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SCPD Illegal Checkpoint Report

A report of my experience during and after filming the unconstitutional DUI checkpoint that SCPD operated tonight.
Afterwards, 2 cops tried to follow me home.
It will take me a few hours to extract stills from the camcorder's video stream, so I'm filing this written report now.

At approximately 10pm I arrived on the scene at Ocean and Water. The checkpoint was in full force. A temporary stop sign had been errected in the middle of the block, in front of the Washington Mutual Bank parking lot. The SCPD had set up their interrogation shop in the parking lot.

Police presence included 6-8 cruisers, 1 motorcycle cop (the checkpoint organizer is one Tom Bailey, Traffic Division Sergant and motorcycle cop), their mobile "Neighborhood Police Station" RV, and a large SCPD van (prisoner vehicle? not sure).

Between 3 and 8 cops stood in the street, interrogating drivers as they stopped for the temporary stop sign. Traffic was sometimes backed up as far back as the next major intersection at Ocean and Broadway, 2 long blocks away.

Rumor has it from a Freak Radio 96.3fm DJ with whom I spoke on the phone, that people who attempted to escape the traffic jam by turning down the minor intersection at McDonalds, found additional cop cars lying in wait for them. I tried to verify this later around midnight, and found the street seemingly empty so I dont know. Maybe the trap had been in place earlier. Traffic was thinning by midnight, naturally.

I began filming from across the street. I filmed for maybe 20 minutes. Police did not react. Spoke to the quickstop attendant at the gas station, who told me these checkpoints happen every few months at the same location.

I then crossed at Ocean and Water (even waited for the signal - I know this game, the cops can wander freely but I'm just one step away from a jaywalking ticket just to punish me for showing up and filming.)

Once on their side, I noted the sidewalk was not blocked off in any particular way, and so I walked right into their midst - sandwich in one hand, big ol' fancy camcorder rig (mics, mixer, tripod, cable spiderweb, etc) on my shoulder. I pretended to ignore them and simply took up a sidewalk position right at the edge of the driveway, 10 ft from their stop signs and the apex of their operation. They did not react.

Filmed here for about 20 minutes. They were ordering the occasional car to pull into the bank's parking lot, where they'd perform their interrogations.

Took up another position on the sidewalk and filmed the street for another 20 minutes or so. Nothing too eventful, other than the whole checkpoint itself being unconstitutional and wrong of course. Nice, submissive victims.

I saw bystanders, apparently passengers of these vehicles, standing on the cement island walkway in the middle of the parking lot. I decided to move there, and film the interrogations.

I witnessed a few traditional field sobriety tests, one arrest, a few cars searched, 1 car stolen via commercial towing service (no doubt to hold hostage while exhorbitant "storage fees" are accrued - all part of how the SCPD funds their criminal operations.)

One noteworthy event was that while a driver of a small Honda was made to play the Simon Says drill, his passenger was also searched, made to produce identification which was checked via radio, and his backpack was searched.

He was eventually allowed to place a cellphone call and later picked up. But while he waited, I noticed they all were generally left alone and ignored by the cops. Eyeing him and considering approaching him for an interview, one cop apparently noticed my interest because as I began to move closer he came over to stand by the young man. Just standing there making idle conversation and chewing gun.

I gave up the idea of getting an interview, figuring the cop was making sure the passenger was adequately intimidated into silence.

But someone please explain to me how a supposed search for intoxicated drivers justifies interrogating, searching, and running records checks on passengers. THEY AREN'T DRIVING!

The answer is pretty obvious.

For the record, I filmed the license plate in case any lawyers would like to identify and contact the victim of this bullshit.

Anyway, thus far I had *no* direct contact with police. I was very much in plain sight, right in their very midst for an hour already, filming all along, with no trouble. Ordinarily I'd give them hell, but I didnt want to be interrupted in filming this classic gestapo operation so I held my tongue.

Then it happened. I was talking to a friend on my phone while filming the apex, with nothing in particular happening. But right as a cop walked right behind and past me (no doubt an excuse to eavesdrop, as they had all walked well around me until then), he caught some of my conversation. Apparently I was using forbidden language - words like "gestapo" and "shakedown".

He shot me a very dirty, direct stare, then walked straight over to a woman at the cop RV wearing a special jacket.

Suddenly they realized I wasn't their friend, and the harrassment began.

The parking lot became empty of victims, so I returned to the sidewalk for more street footage. Called in a Free Radio news report on my cellphone while the camera ran. Then I noticed a cop had quietly snuck up behind me.

If you don't think this is an intimidation tactic, try doing it to them some time and see how they view it.

I asked him flat out, polite but direct, if there was any particular reason he was standing immediately behind me.

"It's a free sidewalk!" he said with a hint of attitude.

"Yes it is", I agreed, returning to my viewfinder. "Used to be a free country."

"It still is", he countered.

"Not anymore. Look at this shit. You look like you're even older than me. You remember the 80s, right? We used to make jokes about this sort of thing in East Berlin and other dictatorships. Movies used it too. You know," as I put on my not-so-best German Nazi accent. "Papuhz! I vaunt too see yoor papuhz!"

He didnt respond. I tried a few more zingers, but he now made a point not to respond and just looked away, while still standing right behind me. Part of that whole psychological chess game of dominance and submission.

Another batch of sheep were led into the parking lot, so I moved back to the cement island where I'd been filming from before. For at least a half hour, mind you.

Got a good spot next to the latest contestant in Simon Says, thinking I'd get some audio this time.

And what do you know? 3-2-1-contact. Another cop moved to block my lens and blind it with his flashlight, while the same cop from before now began asking me for ID. Next Im told that the parking lot is private property of the bank, and that the cops have permission to be here but if I don't have permission from the bank then I'm trespassing and have to leave!

Funny, that. I pointed out I'd been there for a half hour before, cops everywhere, and none of them had cared.

"Well you didn't ask me."

Same old shit, different night. Cops don't just enforce laws - they play games. They pick and choose who they like and don't like, and then they fuck with the latter in any way possible just to get what they want. And since I didn't like them, I was now a target.

Yeah, real "professional". Really protecting and serving that public there. Suuuuure they are.

I was getting cold and bored though, and had enough footage of the police state in action, so I let Rambo have his way. Ordinarily I wouldnt, and next time I probably wont. The whole private property / trespassing approach I hadn't heard before though, even though there's a 24-hour ATM, there was no tresspassing complaint from the bank (hell, there was no one at the bank at this hour), and it would have surely been laughed out of court later. I sensed it was just an excuse for him to justify demanding ID from me, so that he could claim he was "investigating a crime" now, and thus to justify arresting me if I didn't "comply".

It's the way these people work. Slimy with a capital S.

Photos to be published shortly.

There is another part to this story, but Im having trouble telling it. I don't know how. I just typed up several paragraphs detailing the next 2 hours as I spent trying to get home. Then I re-read it, and deleted it all. Because you wouldn't believe me. It's just too crazy. I wouldn't believe it myself, if someone else told me this story. This sort of thing isnt supposed to happen in America.

Suffice to say, multiple cop cars tried very hard to intercept me and follow me home tonight, but I managed to lose them after a while. No, it wasn't any glorious high-speed chase, and I am not engaging in some self-indulgent male fantasy of "DUDE I LIKE ESCAPED FROM THE COPS!!!" I've just learned some good cat-and-mouse tricks over the years, and they clearly wanted an off-the-record encounter with no witnesses (a fact I used to my advantage).

I seem to be really pissing them off now. And I'm not publishing this because I expect anyone to believe me tonight. I just want a public record, should "anything happen" to me. These are not nice people, and when it comes to hurting their enemies they enjoy a kind of freedom you and I can only imagine.

For the record - I am not suicidal, I'm not doing drugs, I don't owe money to any shady characters, I don't have any cache of illegal weapons, I'm an excellent driver who knows very well how to drive in the mountains.. in short, if I wind up dead or in prison any time soon, you can assume it's foul play.

Better safe than sorry.


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So much for objectiveness. Guesses about why the police are doing something while antagonizing the sort of people who become police in hopes that they'll over-react so you'll be martyred for 'The Cause'. Many have played this before.

Response to Van

Thanks for your report. I must admit that prior to your latest I was willing to entertain the concept that you were not delusional. Clearly you are. Please seek professional medical help if you can afford it or are insured. If you are not I'm willing to bet that if you made copies of your "reports" about your interactions with law enforcement personnel and went to the mental health unit at Dominican they would find someone to help you, at least on an interim basis. Help is available, but you really must be the one to seek it. Good luck.

pay attention


Pay attention. Im getting tired of repeating myself.

1) If cops stopped antagonizing the public, people like me wouldn't have criticisms to make in the first place, nor opportunity to make them.

2) If they feel antagonized over criticism, then they only have themselves to blame.

3) Cops who over-react and use their power to abuse people in revenge for public criticism - thus violating the public's trust - don't deserve to be cops.

When cops learn to show the public the respect we deserve, then cops will be earning the respect they desire. And if they still get no respect from some people - they need to grow up and live with it, because their job is NOT to swagger around demanding "respect", or fear, or obedience, or whatever satisfies their sick little power trips.

If they lack the professionalism and maturity to meet this standard, they should get honest jobs like the rest of us and support themselves instead of living off the public's money like all the other welfare parasites who think they deserve a free ride on the backs of *productive* citizens.

Fed Up:

Are you even capable of addressing a real issue, or can you only talk endless shit? Because that's all we ever hear from you.. shit talk. Put up or shut up.


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