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SC-IMC Meeting Sunday 7pm Cafe Pergolesi

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Sunday January 26, 2003
7:00 pm
Caf Pergolesi (418 Cedar st.)


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Good Meeting, Bad Place

The owner of Cafe Pergolesi is a bigot who kicked me, and all of the members of Anti-Racist Action, out of the cafe because a friend (Aiyla, who I have no control over) walked into the place with incense one day. On a previous day the same ownership voiced strong opposition to my activism supporting the homeless, giving me the strong impression that his kicking me out had nothing to do with Aiyla's incense, but everything to do with my political opinions. After being kicked out supposedly for Aiyla's incense I tried to talk to the ownership, yet when I said I was a good customer they complained that all I would do was only order coffee or tea and sit and read too long. I never sat for more than about an hour without buying something more, but I guess this, or my political views, were unacceptable. I urge everyone who believes in freedom of speech to boycott Cafe Pergolesi.

uh huh

sounds good to me. But you've all been misspelling the name; it's Cafe Pretentioso, not pergolesi or whatever....


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