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Town meeting on Iraq planned

Town meeting on Iraq planned


January 28, 2003
Sentinel staff writer

The city’s tradition of holding public forums on United States’ military
actions will continue next month.
The City Council will hold a special “town hall meeting” at the Del Mar
Theatre with Congressman Sam Farr to discuss a U.S.-led war on
The session, which will not be telecast, will run from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Feb. 18 in the newly restored movie house’s grand auditorium.
The city took a similar tack after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.
The council wanted to check in with local residents before weighing a
possible resolution opposing a U.S. bombing of Afghanistan.
The town meeting turned into a peace protest at the Santa Cruz
Civic Center, with several speakers urging the council to take strong
action. But the council faced backlash and some boycott threats, and
ended up backing off from a resolution.
But in this case, the council has already taken a strong stand.
Months ago, the council became the first in the nation to oppose U.S.
military action in Iraq.
The council’s stance last fall brought Santa Cruz, and then-mayor
Christopher Krohn, a brief spate of national publicity, rivaled only by
the council’s participation late last year in a medical marijuana
hand-out and protest in front of City Hall, following a federal raid on a
pot farm run by a medical marijuana collective.
Farr, D-Carmel, has spoken out against waging war on Iraq without
broad international support and without compelling proof that Iraq has
weapons of mass destruction He won praise from peace activists this
fall when he said President Bush has not made a convincing case that
an invasion is necessary.
“And finally, the most important question of all,” Rep. Farr said in a
prepared statement released in September “Has the United States
really done everything possible to seek consensus from our allies, and
to find a diplomatic solution to the threats posed by Iraq?”
His stances have earned him praise from peace activists and criticism
from constituents who have sent letters to various newspapers
accusing him of “backing a war criminal.” And yet he’s also taken heat
from protesters who feel his opposition to an attack is overly
Of the council’s seven members, only Councilman Mark Primack chose
not to vote on the anti-war-on-Iraq resolution, saying it wasn’t up to
the city to make foreign policy decisions. The council, however, voted
unanimously when it later declared opposition to the U.S. Patriot Act.
Past councils have also made proclamations denouncing economic
sanctions against Iraq.
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Why is this not being televised?

Why is this town hall style meeting not being televised? If we are going to use this to organize our community to oppose the impending war against Iraq, then for it to be effective, it should be broadcast to the greater community.

Is this just the latest example of bumbling, and out-of-touch behavior we are experiencing from Mayor Emily Reilly's regime?


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