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CPRB deathwatch continues

City Council Action Agenda

JANUARY 28, 2003

23. Citizens Police Review Board. (CM007)

Ordinance No. 2003-06 was introduced for publication repealing Chapter 2.41 of the Santa Cruz Municipal Code pertaining to the Citizens Police Review Board.
Resolution No. NS-26,094 was adopted authorizing the City Manager to negotiate and execute a professional services agreement, in a form approved by the City Attorney, with a qualified police auditor to review complaints currently pending before the CPRB and to review any future complaints that may be received while the Auditor-City Council model is being developed and fulfill the responsibilities of the previous CPRB to the extent financially and otherwise feasible.
Motion carried to direct that the CPRB suspend its activity effective January 29, 2003.
Motion carried to request that the CPRB members and other members of the public, provide input to the Ad Hoc Budget Crisis Committee regarding the development and implementation of the Auditor-City Council model of citizen police oversight, and any other input they wish to give about what they think will lead to effective civilian oversight, and that the Mayor come back to the Council with a process by which the Ad Hoc Budget Crisis Committee’s deliberations will result in a new public policy around this issue, including considering methods of performing current police policy review function, and that the Council formally apologizes to the members of the CPRB for the way in which they were informed about our decision making in this matter.
The City Manager was directed to develop written responses to citizen written comments similar to the EIR process.
Staff was directed to provide an FYI regarding recommendations that were produced by the CPRB and forwarded to the Police Department and City Manager.

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