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Victory for the UFW, Salinas

37 Artichoke Workers win more than $181,000 in unpaid work compensation. Ceremony to held Feb 11, 12:30pm.
After two years of legal debate the battle for compensation for unpaid travel time has been won by 37 artichoke workers in Salinas. The workers had been meeting at a work site, a parking lot, and then transported in company trucks to and from their work location for over four years, and not reimbursed for that time, nor for the time involved in setting up or loading equipment. According to an email from the UFW, this runs counter to a California Supreme Court ruling that "compulsory travel time must be paid."

The lawsuit, filed by Marcos Camacho Law Corp. and Talamantes & Villegas against the two Castroville companies, will mark a victory for the United Farm Workers as well as the 37 employed by Sea Mist Farms LLC and Sea Breeze Harvesting.

A ceremonial presentation of an enlarged check will take place on:
Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2003, at 12:30pm
at Marcos Camacho Law Corp.
111 E. Alisal Street, (at Pajaro) in Salinas

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