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Peace And Freedom Party Challenging Sam Farr's Seat

While needed schools are being shut down Sam Farr voted for over 400 billion dollars to be put to the US war budget. This is unacceptable.
Steve Argue Running As
Peace & Freedom Party Candidate For Congress

The Peace and Freedom Party has registered well over the 76,000 registrants in the state of California needed to put us back on the ballot. In celebration of this fact I am announcing my candidacy for US Congress, challenging the seat currently held by Sam Farr (D). This campaign is starting right now because Steve Argue’s campaign will not have the money or coverage that Sam Farr will have as a result of his corporate backing. Over the next two years I will work to expose the evil policies of Sam Farr to apply pressure on him and to provide voters with an alternative in the next election.

Sam Farr the War Monger
While needed schools are being shut down Sam Farr voted for over 400 billion dollars to be put to the US war budget. This is unacceptable. This money will be used to terrorize the people of the entire world, including Iraq. Dianne Feinstein, Dubya Bush, Mike Honda, and Anna Eshoo should also be exposed for their even more direct support for war with Iraq. It is my opinion that all of these politicians should pay a political price for their pro-war stand.

Sam Farr is a supporter of the death squad government of Colombia, a government that outright murders trade union and human rights activists. Despite these abuses corporate America and their representatives, including Sam Farr, see the Colombian death squad government as representing their interests. For this reason Sam Farr has voted to send billions of dollars in military aid to the Colombian death squad government. This must end!
Congressman Sam Farr supported the bombing of Belgrade and Kosovo. This was a war that was waged to privatize Kosovo mines and further dismember Yugoslavia to further US corporate interests in the region. The lie that the war was carried out to stop ethnic cleansing can be seen in the fact the US has been backing forces such as the KLA in Kosovo and the government of Croatia that have themselves carried out ethnic cleansing.

There are some who want to pressure Farr to take a more active approach in stopping the war with Iraq. Yet a look at Farr's statements regarding this war shows that he is not really opposed to war with Iraq, but instead has tactical differences regarding the U.S. going it alone and other lame concerns that represent an actual interest in a more effective US imperialist war policy the world over. His vote for the massive military appropriations represents this common interest Farr has with Bush, big oil, and the arms industry. Farr's differences with Bush stem from his knowledge that this war may cause massive unrest, foreign and domestic, that may make it more difficult for the US to carry out its evil imperialist wars and exploitation on the people of the world. With such motivations there is no reason to think Farr will mobilize and educate the people against this war.

What does Farr have to say to the people on this issue anyway? Sam Farr has not spoken out against the constant bombing of Iraq that has occurred since the first US attack on Iraq in the early 1990s. He has not spoken out against the US imposed economic sanctions that have starved about 1.5 million Iraqi children. Nor has Farr opposed the deadly use of radio-active waste in the production of US weapons that were used both in Yugoslavia and on Iraq poisoning the inhabitants of those countries as well as 100,000 "Gulf War Syndrome" US soldiers.

Those who want an authentic anti-war movement should expect to have to organize it and to lead it your selves. Expecting Democrats to do it is like expecting a mule to quack like a duck.

In my studies of history I've seen three effective ways to end a war. 1. Is when the soldiers refuse to fight. This is the way that the long and persistent anti-war movement of the 1960s and 1970s finally educated the soldiers and ended the war in Vietnam. 2. If the working class strikes and refuses to participate in building or shipping the armaments. A very effective strike that shut down Seattle Washington during the early days of the Russian revolution physically stopped the sending of war supplies and helped force the US to pull its troops out of the young Soviet Union. 3. A third way will be through a revolution of the people. If we succeed in doing any of the first two types of action we may not be too far from carrying out the third. All three forms of direct action will take the building of strong organizations independent of the Democrats and Republicans.

I support any and all actions that will help build the kind of consciousness among the people that could one day make the three kinds of effective direct action by the people possible. Illusions in warmongers like Sam Farr's potential to organize an anti-war movement are an obstacle to effective action. Instead of pleading with the Sam Farrs of the world we are better off holding rallies and distributing literature to the people. Reaching GIs and young people of draft or recruitment age is critical. The Farrs and Bushes of the world will never be reached by our moral arguments. Like Nixon, however, they will notice if the soldiers refuse to fight.

The Peace and Freedom Party urges people to break with illusions in the twin parties of war that rule America and to register to vote with the Peace and Freedom Party. The Peace and Freedom Party is a party that has opposed every US war since it was founded in 1967 and actively calls for the vigorous building of an effective anti-war movement. I encourage people who think that this kind of thinking makes sense to:

1. Register with the Peace and Freedom Party, your registration will help us stay on the ballot. If when you register you get an old form that does not list the Peace and Freedom Party, simply check other and write in Peace and Freedom Party.

2. Participate in demonstrations and other activities against the war. In addition to other events we encourage people to attend the Peace Friday demonstrations held every Friday at Ocean and Water Streets at 5:00 PM in Santa Cruz.

3. The City Council will hold a special “town hall meeting” at the Del Mar
Theatre with Congressman Sam Farr to discuss a U.S.-led war on Iraq. The meeting will run from 6:30-8:30 PM
Feb. 18. Be there to speak out against the war and Sam Farr.

4. Support Steve Argue for Congress by distributing literature or making a financial contribution. Checks can be written to Steve Argue for Congress and sent to 1135 N. Branciforte. To volunteer call (831) 457-9754 Box 1169


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Anothing Losing Campaign by Argue

Great, another losing campaign by sell-out Steve Argue. We don't appreciate your bullshit media attempts to appear "down for the cause" when everyone knows your a tranny capitialist pig looking for a way to advance your bullshit political career. All your distortions of Farr are just rip-off lines from non-profits. Everyone knows that your not a man of the people; your a corporate spy trying to sell Santa Cruz subculture to the biggest PR firms in California. Don't believe Argue's lies - he's not serious about being elected. He just wants to meet more activists and anarchists so he can rip off their ideas and sell them to Madison Avenue and the pigs of Santa Cruz whom secretly support his campaign.

Dee Locus

P.S. I have footage of Argue secretly meeting with the DEA to plan out the WAMM Davenport bust.

Support Steve Argue

Obviously Dee Locus is crazy. If Locus really had such footage you would leave us an e-mail address or some other contact information for people to be able to see it. Why would the DEA consult Argue on such a plan anyway?

If Argue is only trying to advance his political career why doesn't he sell-out and stop challenging status quo politicians with his campaigns? It appears to me that Argue is trying to do the right thing, and like the rest of us he is fighting an up hill battle.

I fought in Vietnam and I appreciate Argue's message against the war.

The Sell-Out Responds

Yeah, the pigs of Santa Cruz and Madison Avenue pay top dollar for anarchist ideas.

I'm guessing 6,000

Votes district-wide. Considering Steve only won 2,500 votes in the City Council race, where he actually had something of a chance, I think it's a pretty accurate number.

Oh, and another fact-check (I seem to be having all the fun today): The US Government only funds categorical programs in K-12 education (like Head Start, school lunch programs, etc). If you're upset about schools closing, look no further than your state tax structure and local administrative bungling for that, such as a brand new administrative building while the schools are in disrepair.

Second fact-check: While the military budget was increased to its biggest size this past year, none of that goes to fund military actions anywhere in the world except the ongoing NATO missions in Bosnia, and military jet patrols over NY and Washington and selected cities (such as San Diego during the superbowl). But, hey, that would take actual research and intelligence to look into these sorts of things, rather than blind acceptance of generalities and incorrect statements made by other people.

If you want a good place to start, try the Center for Defense Information, a left-leaning thinktank that analyzes the military budget every year. They are at

Sorry to mess up the plans with actual information and facts. I know it can get in the way sometimes.


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