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UCSC faculty to weigh anti-war resolution

UCSC faculty to weigh anti-war resolution


February 18, 2003
Sentinel staff writer

Paul Ortiz joined the army after high school, figuring it was the only
way he would get to college. Serving two years with a Special Forces
unit in Central America, he came to question foreign ventures by the
American military.
Now, as a professor at UC Santa Cruz, he is asking faculty
colleagues to take a stand against U.S. military intervention in Iraq.
If his resolution is approved Wednesday by UCSC’s Academic Senate,
the campus would be the first in the UC system to make such a
statement, Ortiz said.
“I’m not a pacifist,” he said. “I understand the need for national
defense. But this war is not about national defense. The best tool
against terrorism is education, and we’re not getting enough money
for education.”
He said he already has the support of 100 faculty members, one-fifth
of the Academic Senate, which has a membership of 500. At the
Santa Cruz campus, the Academic Senate is not an elected body. All
tenure-track faculty are members.
Ortiz, 38, is a relative newcomer in the community studies
department. He arrived two years ago with a doctorate from Duke
University. His book on Southern segregation, “Remembering Jim
Crow,” won a prestigious national book award, and he was active in
the two-day strike by lecturers and clerical workers last fall.
He comes from a military family, so war is something he takes
His father worked in the shipyards in Bremerton, Wash., and served
in the Navy reserves. His brother-in-law, a Navy man, could be
deployed to the Middle East at any time.
In December, he heard about faculty at Evergreen (Wash.) State
College, where he earned his degree, voting to oppose the war. He
decided UCSC should take a stand, too.
His resolution makes the following arguments:

No proven link has been made between the Sept. 11 attacks and
the government of Iraq;
Diplomatic solutions have not been exhausted and the international
community has not lent it support for war against Iraq;
A war with Iraq would aggravate anti-American sentiment,
increasing support for al-Qaida and other extremist groups;
A war could cost up to $200 billion, increasing a defense budget
that is almost seven times that of the education budget.
“Class sizes are mushrooming and students are struggling financially to
get through school,” he said. “This resolution is relevant because it
addresses those issues.”
Some faculty may disagree, but that doesn’t bother him.
“I welcome the chance to have a dialogue,” he said.
The Academic Senate will meet at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday at Kresge
College Town Hall. Other topics include a new system for admitting
students in response to the growing number of applicants.
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The War against America

You guys are very good at coming up with reasons why we should not go to war, but I never see any logical, sound solutions to the problem that avoids war. Maybe, we should wait until the next 9-11, except this time it will be millons, not thousands of innocent Americans killed. Maybe you can live with that on your conscience. Try coming up with solutions that make sense, instead of just ranting and raving.


Changing US foriegn policy so that we keep our big imperialist dick out of other people's resources is a good start. If we LEAVE THEM AND THEIR RESOURCES ALONE then they won't hate us.


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