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Local Media Coverage: Farr From Accurate

Local Media Coverage: Farr From Accurate


by Nuz

Paradoxically, though many signsters actively wanted to “Duct Tape Bush,” the only person who did get gagged at the rally was none other than Congressmember Sam Farr. Despite reports in Sunday’s Senile that Farr did speak at the county building before the march began, he in fact did not.
Whoops! Kind of a huge flub, considering the story behind this one was one of the most intriguing to come out of the weekend’s events.
Asked why rally organizers in the Santa Cruz Peace Coalition banned Sam from speaking, SCPC member Susan Zeman said the group decided not to invite Farr long before they discovered“only 48 hours before the rally”that mayor Emily Reilly had invited Farr to speak. Did we mention “whoops?”
“We operate on consensus. Had I been contacted earlier, I’d have called a special meeting to discuss the matter,” Zeman explained.
And a SCPA press release, while applauding Sam’s recent “efforts to rescind the congressional authorization for the use of force in Iraq” noted that “Rep. Farr has not been an ally in many of our struggles: he supported the bombing in Serbia, he continues to support Plan Columbia, and he votes Yes for most military appropriations.”
All of which apparently led the California Peace Action to give Sam a C+ on his voting record, which they claim is considerably worse than that of other Bay Area reps.
“His support for NAFTA and other ‘free trade’ measures, meanwhile, demonstrates that Rep. Farr does not mind waging economic and environmental warfare on the world’s most desperate people,” continued the release, which ended by extending an invite to meet Sam “to discuss his voting record. We hope that soon he will join with us in our efforts to silence forever the guns of empire and extend the hand of peace.”
Asked what she thought of SCPC’s decision, Reilly said, “We’re telling the world that we’ve got to get beyond past disagreements and disappointments. We have to move forward, we have to let go of what’s past, if we want to change the future.”
As for Sam, his comments to Nüz were, simply stated, Farr out.
“I’m here. We’re all here,” he said. “And we’re all about peace here. People say we’re not doing enough in Washington, but the truth is that what we’re doing isn’t being reported by the media. So, we’re going back to our communities to participate in meetings like this one, because real power lies in the people.”
As for Farr’s thoughts on the recent duct tape advisory, “That’s Bush’s new economic stimulus plan” (a comment which got Nüz wondering who does own duct tape shares ).
“By the way,” added Farr, “I’m not buying any. We have to make sure we don’t panic.”
We won’t if you don’t, Sam, but would you tell Tom Ridge to at least issue duct tape vouchers, given all the money his Depotwe mean, Dept.has received to keep Das Heimland safe und secure.

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