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Iraqi War on Santa Cruz City Council Tonight!

Items ##20 and 21 at tonight's 7 PM City Council session at 809 Center St. concern the War in Iraq and are a follow-up to the Farr nod-along last Tuesday at the Del Mar Theater. E-mail them to toughen up, if you want to stop the war!
Tonight (Tuesday February 25th) at the 7 PM session of City Council (right after half an hour of Oral Communications, or less), the following two agenda items come up as "follow-up" from the Farr debacle of last Tuesday.
MISSING from the agenda are: an impeachment resolution, a definite scheduling of a Town Hall meeting in the Civic (promised by Reilly for March 19th) which could actually be broadcast live, any resolution seeking declaration of Santa Cruz as a sanctuary of war resistors (from the current military and from the draft,if one is created), or any support for a delegation to Iraq to serve as mediators or human shields.
You can leave a message with Reilly at 420-5022 and leave a message with City Council at 420-5020. You can e-mail City Council, while it is in session at viewpoint (at) and when it is not at citycouncil (at) Mail to both addresses to be sure.
If anyone is up for a round-the-clock vigil, give me a call at 423-4833. W

20. Request to State Legislators to Sponsor a Resolution Urging the President not to Initiate a Preemptive War with Iraq and Urging a Peaceful Diplomatic Resolution Built on International Support. (CM016)

That the City Council direct the Mayor to send a letter to State legislators requesting that they introduce resolutions urging President Bush not to initiate a preemptive war with Iraq and urging a peaceful diplomatic resolution built on international support.

21. Councilmember Follow-up and Direction from the February 18, 2003 Town Hall Meeting Regarding War in Iraq with Congressman Sam Farr.

That the City Council consider the following items brought up at the February 18 Town Hall meeting and provide direction as appropriate:

House Resolution 2 expressing the sense of Congress that the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 should be repealed.

The Brown-Kind Letter to President Bush to support the diplomatic approach and comprehensive inspections process agreed to in UN Security Council resolution 1441.

Aid to Afghanistan from private donors not reaching intended persons.

Any issue related to the war in Iraq, or the relationship between the Unites States and Afghanistan or Iraq.

Council may provide additional direction after discussion of this item.

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