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UCSC Students Missing In Action (MIA)

Five UC Santa Cruz students are missing in action this quarter.
They have been called into active military service, and will most likely miss out on the rest of the school year.
For five UC Santa Cruz students, this Winter and Spring quarter will mean more than just stressing over finals, soaking up the campus events, and enjoying the beautiful Santa Cruz scene, it will mean fighting in what is very likely the most unpopular war in US History.

The five students identified only by their college affiliation, one from Cowell, Nine, and Crown, and two from Oakes respectively have been called into active service following US plans to invade Iraq sometime in the near future.

Generally students avoid military service because it does not compliment their needs. Much of the student population in US colleges and universities who serve in the military do so through the "economic draft." The economic draft refers to the tendency for many poor and underprivileged students to join up with the military in hopes that the Department of Defense will pay their way through school.

The information presented in this article was obtained from the UCSC Office of the Registrar. I cannot speak for the students themselves who may very well be proud to serve their country and supportive of the war. But any educational setting which requires vast numbers of students to enlist in the military as their only hopes for schooling must be condemned.

Fiat Pax.

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