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Aristophanes' LYSISTRATA: A Theatrical Act of Dissent

Monday March 3rd
Louden Nelson Center, 301 Center Street
Local residents will join hundreds of cities around the world in hosting a staged reading of Aristophanes' ancient Greek antiwar comedy Lysistrata.

The local play reading is part of the international Lysistrata Project, the first-ever worldwide theater event for peace.

As of mid-February, 380 readings have been scheduled in 31 countries to protest against a possible war with Iraq.

The ancient Greek play tells the story of women from opposing states who come together to end a war by refusing to have sex with their husbands.

Desperate for intimacy, the men eventually agree to lay down their swords and achieve peace through diplomacy.

The reading is free and open to the public, and a collection will be taken to benefit groups working for a peaceful future in the Middle East.

Additional information about the Lysistrata Project is available on the web at, or, for information about the Santa Cruz reading, email jgreene (at)

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