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Monterey Bay Poets Against The War

March 4th and March 5th
March 4th and March 5th
Tuesday, March 04
7:00 PM
The Rio Theatre

Monterey Bay Poets Against The War

Poems or statements by Adrienne Rich, Nate Mackey, Joe Stroud, Ellen Bass, Gary Young, Morton Marcus, Robert Sward, Diana Hartog...

Plus: Emily Reilly, Cynthia Matthews, Len Anderson, Chuck Atkinson, Joseph McNeilly, William Minor, Ekua Omosupe, Elliot Roberts, Tilly Washburn Shaw, Debra Spencer, David Sullivan, Amber Coverdale Sumrall, David Swanger, Patrice Vecchione, Ken Weisner, Gary Young.

For updated information, email len (at)
or call 429-2399


Wednesday, March 05, 2003
120 Union Street (formerly known as Jahva House)

Open Mic

An open microphone is waiting for anyone who has something to say about the war, so bring your words, not bombs to Santa Cruz.

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