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Sodexho dumped!!

AFSCME and Students for Labour Solidarity Effectively Kick SODEXHO Out of UCSC
On Friday, February 28th, University of California, Santa Cruz, announced its intention of breaking off its relationship with the infamous SODEXHO. The second to last UC campus to break ties with this chronic halitosis-of-the-karma and prison-industrial-best-friend corporation, Santa Cruz has been amazingly quick to respond to demands made by American Federation of Service and Municiple Employees (AFSCME) and Students for Labour Solidarity.

This is an exciting accomplishment and was due to the massive energy put into the battle by many supporters of Union solidarity on campus. Thanks to everyone who was involved and let this be a lesson in community strength.
Long live the power of the people!

The next meeting to find out the next steps for this process will be at First Congregational Church, 900 High Street, Santa Cruz, at 4-5 pm and 8:30-9:30 pm.

For more information call 425-4822.

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Are They Being Served?

Are They Being Served?

UCSC students, teachers and unions join forces to fight for better pay for food workers

by Patrick Knowles

Questions about the policies of Sodexho and how it pays its workers have stirred one of the most heated debates at UCSC in recent years. It is a dispute that has college students talking like politicians, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) union and Sodexho slinging soundbites back and forth, and the university sticking its head in the sand. The clash has left dining service employees with more questions than answers, and for the first time has many of them asking how much Sodexho values them as workers and individuals.

a mutha'fuckin'...

HIGH FIVE! Whoo hoo!!! So long, fuckers!

Good Riddance, as they say. Thank you SLS

Go Union, or Go Hungry

Companies like this make a profit out of what they can steal from the employee's basic human living wage.


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