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Day Four at the Vigil Against Two Wars

The Downtown Vigil continued strong through a sunny Sunday and into the night. Several issues are coming up on the afternoon Tuesday City Council meeting as well as a lack of issues on the Iraqi War. Come to the vigil and come to City Council meeting to speak!
“Axis of Arrogance” Begins to Shatter
Police Step up Harassment of Vigil Against 2 Wars

In Britain, rebellion against Bush’s Axis of Arrogance is growing. Over the weekend according to the Sunday
London Observer, a number of junior Ministers were named as being ready to resign if there was no second UN
resolution supporting a war against Iraq. Anne Campbell, Parliamentary Private Secretary to Patricia Hewitt, the
Trade Secretary, Andy Reed, aide to Margaret Beckett, the Environment Secretary, 7 Michael Jabez Foster, who works
for Lord Goldsmith, the Attorney General, have all said they would consider their position. More than 200 backbench MPs are also likely to rebel if a vote is taken in the Commons on conflict with Iraq without a second resolution.

Mainstream media is reporting more U.S. arrests and protests. AP reports police arrested five anti-war
protesters outside the ABC studios in Washington where Rice was interviewed, and several demonstrators followed her
to the CBS offices where she was interviewed on "Face the Nation." On Saturday, thousands converged on the White
House to voice opposition to war. Late Sunday, 23 protesters were arrested outside the Capitol. Capitol Police
spokeswoman Jessica Gissubel said that came after police reached agreement with a group who wanted to be arrested.
An AP Story reporting small pro-war rallies over the weekend concluded by noting that “anti-war rallies that attracted hundreds of thousands of people in Pakistan, Indonesia, and India.”

Santa Cruz City Council meets tomorrow Tuesday 3-11 at 3 and 7 PM with no anti-war items on its agenda. Mayor
Reilly has canceled the Town Hall Civic Auditorium meeting previously scheduled to discuss the War in Iraq on
March 19th. Call her at 420-5022 and demand it be held and televised. Demand City Council call for Bush’s
Impeachment, a Sanctuary for War Resisters, and a full discussion of fighting the ongoing repression, likely to escalate if war breaks out.

Speak Out sometime after 4 PM on Item #25 (Permit Parking that will criminalize homeless vehicles), Item #26
(The Deadly Downtown Ordinances Update). Speak out at 7PM during Oral Communications on homeless issues
generally and the war. Be prepared to be ignored.

The Public is Invited Tonight to a Free Radio Santa Cruz benefit at UCSC’s Kreske Town Hall 7:30 PM with
singer David Rovics and Iraqi war expert Stephen Zunes. FRSC regularly covers the Vigil and airs Amy Goodman’s
Democracy Now! weekdays at 1-2 PM on 96.3 FM. Phone in reports to FRSC at 427-3772.

The General Assembly of the Green Party of Santa Cruz County meets tonight at 7 PM at Louden Nelson Center.
Come and support resolutions by Thomas Leavitt: supporting the Vigil, opposing the anti-homeless city-wide permit
parking scheme at City Council tomorrow, and supporting “First Amendment Chalking” rights.

On Sunday, Sgt. Baker and his squad surveilled and harassed at least 50 poor and homeless people up and down the mall, according to Vigil activist Olivia Brownrabbit, who followed Baker with camera, tape recorder, and notebook and a “Kill ‘em with Kindness” battleplan. Oliva reported a continuing group of five police officers ‘observing’ the table as well as police harassing a woman breastfeeding her child as well as a “Duel of the Cameras” where she and Baker snapped photos of each other. Community Service Officer Gray demanded “radio silence” at the table. An unidentified police lieutenant promised to return with “updated” Deadly Downtown Ordinances but never came back.

Criminal instances of chalking anti-war slogans on the sidewalk, frisbee throwing, hackeysacking, ball-bouncing, and bubble blowing were reported multiplying as well as unauthorized skateboarding, bicycling, and impromptu singing.

Activist and videojournalist Becky Johnson reported Officer “Bull-Necked” Brandt gave African- American
spiritual reader "Reverend Doctor" Jason a criminal citation for accepting a one dollar donation after a reading. Jason was charged with “tarot reading without a permit.” A copy of the ordinance (“Stopping Tarot Terrorism”) as well as the other Deadly Downtown Ordinances is available at the Vigil table. [see below]


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