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Labor Call for a Community Strike

US Labor Against the War has called on all unions & unionists
to act for peace on Wednesday March 12. This is to ask you
to act immediately to help us respond.
From: paul.johnston (at)
Subject: Call for a Community Strike

Calling all unionists! (I am forwarding this message to you
for the central coast-based Labor for Peace, Justice & Civil
Liberties. Please forgive any

US Labor Against the War has called on all unions & unionists
to act for peace on Wednesday March 12. This is to ask you
to act immediately to help us respond.

We have decided on that day to send a delegation traveling to
Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Salinas, Seaside and (if we can
recruit Monterey peninsula
participants) Monterey. They will carry materials for
Saturday's demo in SF, the call for a community strike, a
draft resolution for public agencies, a list of ways
individuals and groups can take action, and a petition-form
pledge for individuals to participate.

1. please read the call below and endorse it through an email
response to unionize (at), with your union
affiliation (and union office if
any) for information purposes only.
2. please schedule about one hour of your time on Wednesday
to meet our traveling delegation when it comes to your town,
participate in a brief media event, accompany them into city
hall, and take materials for distribution to other local
public agencies, unions & employers. The schedule is as
follows: 9 AM Santa Cruz 10:15 AM Watsonville 11:30 AM
Salinas 12:45 PM Seaside 2:00 PM (tentative) Monterey 3.
Please consider taking the day to accompany the delegation,
which so far consists of only three people. 4. Please recruit
others to participate by forwarding this request immediately
to others. 5. Please plan to circulate these materials in
your workplace and union. You can obtain them at the
Wednesday events (or sooner if you email
unionize (at)

By acting together now we can begin to tie together our
fragmented region, build strong labor participation for
Saturday's last-ditch demo in SF, and draw attention to the
connection between war spending and inadequate funding for
local services.

But only if we act together.

Labor for Peace, Justice & Civil Liberties

Call for a Community Strike Against the War

by Labor for Peace, Justice & Civil Liberties, a committee of
unionists in the Monterey Bay region affiliated with the
Monterey Bay Central Labor Council and with U.S. Labor Against the War

The invasion of Iraq will rob our communities of resources
urgently needed to sustain human services, will produce
intolerable human suffering, will expose us to the threat of
terrorist retaliation, and will dangerously undermine the
international rule of law. Accordingly, we call upon all
members of our communities to act now to stop the Bush
administration's plan for massive military action in the Middle East.

In particular, we call on unionists, elected public officials
and all other members of our communities to pledge that in
the event of a Bush administration attack on Iraq we will

School boards, city councils and county supervisors should
act now to defend our communities from the Bush
administration's reckless plans by pledging that in the event
of an invasion they will conduct NO BUSINESS AS USUAL but
instead engage in protest, including granting leave to all
employees who choose to participate in protest action.

Failing that, we call on workers, students and others to
strike against the war by conducting NO BUSINESS AS USUAL.

(we can't really print this whole thing on one side as we
thought, because we need to insert here the names of initial endorsers and their union affiliations.)

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