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Informational Picket at Kmart a success~

Action report for anti-war toy action at Capitola Kmart March 16th.
Ten adults and three children gathered in front of Kmart on 41st aveune in Capitola at 3pm today to protest the subtitution of military action figures and other war toys for the traditional chocolate bunny in easter baskets. The picketers stood in front of the store with signs that read "Don't Candy Coat War" and "Pro Easter.... anti War-Toys".

Members of the Santa Cruz County Friends of Chocolate Bunnies entered the Kmart in our bunny ears to discuss our concerns with the manager. Evidently another concerned citizen had already filed a formal complaint and we filed another, and all members of the demonstration plus a Kmart shopper (a mother of two who teaches Early Childhood Education at Cabrillo) signed an official letter of complaint. The manager on duty assured us the general manager would be in Monday (Tomorroow) and would review the concerns at that time. Tomorrow I will call and speak to the general manager of the store to follow up and determine whether the store plans to pull the baskets, or if the SCCFB needs to return in the near future. A member also filed a complaint today at the Watsonville Kmart, and there are plans to head up to the Scotts Valley Kmart this week.

We leafletted without any major incident, though of course not all Kmart shoppers were interested in our concerns.

Baskets like those being sold at Kmart can also be found at some Rite Aids and other drug stores. Citizens may elect to use their free speech rights to address the injustice against bunnies and Peeps as they will. Who am I to say otherwise.

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Roshi rocks!


I am so proud to be your friend. It is a fine day when mamas stand up for thier kids and voice the need to keep stupid, violent toys off the shelves.

(Remember the JCPenney toy? The bombed out house with the "hero" inside...)

Sigh. When will the toy companies realize that we need to teach peace if we want to see peace? (O, right, they don't want peace because "war is good for the economy...")

You are being cheered from where I stand with the ferocity of a mother who agrees with you wholeheartedly!

Mara and Henry

Easter Basket Protest

I am very impressed by thie article and by the action. It seems remarkably thoughtful and compassionate at a time in human history in which neither of these qualities are plentiful. I hope it makes an impression. I certainly should!


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