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LIve Oak Grange Peace Pole dedication

"May Peace Prevail on Earth" ~ this message appears on The Green Grange six-sided Peace Pole in English and all our Sister City languages - Russian, Japanese, Italian, & Spanish (also for our Cuban County Alliance)- then Arabic for Iraq 'cradle of civilization' - Peace Pole is locally carved reclaimed old growth redwood. Event commences 2pm Saturday March 22nd at Live Oak Grange, 1900 17th St between Capitola Rd and Soquel Ave
from Corrina McFarlane 423 3612 corrina (at)


"May Peace Prevail on Earth"
Raising Peace in Santa Cruz
~ Saturday, March 22nd * Join us at 2pm ~ Live Oak Grange ~
'Green' Grange will raise Live Oak’s first Peace Pole - This pole joins more than two hundred thousand across the world that echo the message "May Peace Prevail on Earth" ~ The Grange Peace pole is six-sided (locally carved reclaimed old growth redwood!). May Peace Prevail on Earth appears in English then Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and Italian: for all of our Sister Cities (and our new Cuban Sister County).

Our Sister Cities are:
{Alushta, Ukraine}{Jinotepe, Nicaragua}{Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela}{Sestri Levante, Italy}{Shingu, Japan}
And our newest Sister Alianza de Guama y Santa Cruz Alliance of Guama and Santa Cruz: "AGuaS"

In the course of a highly colorful afternoon, besides the Peace Pole dedication ceremony, the aim is to bring a quintessential flavor of all of our 'Sisters' ~ those drawn to be a part of this event are invited to bring a food (finger food or dish) or dress, pictures or photos, music/ tongue of each or any ~ or a real live friend who fits the bill(!) Come and bring them for the edification of your fellow Santa Cruzans..

And if every place on our Sister map is entirely a mystery to you, determine to learn and bring one printed factoid to add to the fascinating material already gleaned and gathered. Food, music, and community-building will be served! This is a celebration of the richly interwoven fabric of our lives.

On the sixth side of the Peace Pole, "May Peace Prevail on Earth appears in Arabic for Iraq ~ 'cradle of civilization'.

For more info. Call:
Rebecca: (Grange event coordinator) at 429-5557 or
Corrina: (Peace Pole ceremony/WomenRise for Global Peace) at 423 3612 corrina (at)

Then...To Continue the Celebration for Peace in Our world

STAY ON & DANCE! As the sun goes down the musicians raise a tune: OLD-TIME SQUARE AND CONTRA DANCE
7:30 to 10:30 PM ~ Featuring Andy Wilson calling and teaching dances with Professor Spicer’s Dance Tonic (Peter Spicer on piano, Laurie Rivin on fiddle, and Chris Jong on mandolin and banjo)

$8 general admission * $5 for members of any Grange. Beginners are welcome and encouraged to come early. No partners necessary. All dances will be taught. Need more information on the dance? Call Andy at 831 462 6072



This Peace Pole is Raised as a Declaration
of our deeply held values.

We recognize people everywhere
as the rich fabric of one human family.

As Patrons of Husbandry,
we uphold and honor the values
that support and maintain
the web of life.

Santa Cruz Live Oak Grange #503

"Peace in Every Heart ~ Peace Around the World"

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