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Peace vigils held in Santa Cruz

Peace vigils held in Santa Cruz


March 17, 2003
Sentinel Staff Report

SANTA CRUZ -- About 300 people gathered at the Town Clock in downtown Santa Cruz to let their candlelight shine for peace.
The vigil was part of a worldwide effort, called Global Vigil for Peace, to show the world’s disapproval of a possible war with Iraq.
At the Town Clock, participants sang hymns, including “This Little Light of Mine” and “Amazing Grace.”
The vigil was among many spread throughout Santa Cruz County. Similar events were held at the Santa Cruz Lighthouse on West Cliff Drive, the Capitola Esplanade, Mill Street and Highway 9 in Ben Lomond and on Graham Hill Road near Highway 9 in Felton.

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Way more than 300 people

In my honest opinion, I think there was closer to 800 people at the downtown Santa Cruz vigil last night. People occupied every corner of Water and Pacifc before walking down Pacific Ave. There were a lot more than 300 people.


Did anyone get pictures, especially of the fab. fire dancers at the lighthouse field event? We failed to bring the camera whichg I regret. Sentinel failed to mention numbers but there were definitewlt over 200 ppl at the lighthouse. It was beautiful.


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