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Ethan Miller songs
Ethan Miller is playing TONIGHT (Tuesday) so don't fucking miss it!
Fuck You!

D .............................................G ..................D
Here's to all you rich folk who wallow in your greed
And to all you corporate scum who profit off our needs
G ...........D ..................G (G/F#) D
FUCK YOU and your money, too!

Here's to the army, navy, air force, and marines
And to all you masterminds who pull the puppet strings
FUCK YOU and your big guns, too!

Here's to all you terrorists, tearin' up the whole world
Cutting all the forests down and poisoning the soil
FUCK YOU and your big machines, too!

Here's to corporate media, reportin' on the scene
And to all you stars in Hollywood who make the silver screen
FUCK YOU and your nosejobs, too!

Here's to all you people who wouldn't pick me up
Danglin' my thumb out at your big 'ole empty truck
FUCK YOU and your empty seats, too!

Here's to all you NGO's, sendin' me your mail
With a free gift plastic travel mug that'll help to save the whales
FUCK YOU and your free gift, too!

(campfire verse):
Here's to all you secret agents, sittin' round this fire
If you think we don't know who you are, you might as well retire
FUCK YOU and Tom Ridge, too!

Here's to all you Wal-Marts pavin' all our towns
Exploitin' workers everywhere to keep your prices down
FUCK YOU and your smiley face, too!

(the humanure verse, collectively written by JED):
Here's to all you sewer systems and you septic tanks
And to all you porta-potties all lined up in ranks
FUCK YOU, you're wastin' our poo!

(verse by Fetus):
Here's to all you supermarkets, we think you're really rude
We're standin' out here starving and you're lockin' up our food
FUCK YOU and your trash compactors, too!

(verse by Quack, Bridge, and Devon):
Here's to all you agribusiness, stealin' all our seeds
Pushin' the small farmers out with your corporate greed
FUCK YOU and your GMO's, too!

Here's to all you police with your clubs and guns
And to all you riot cops, just havin' a little fun
FUCK YOU and your tear gas, too!

Here's to all you lawyers, you judges and you courts
Throwin' us all in jail like it was some new fancy sport
FUCK YOU and your lawbooks, too!

Here's to all you governments and all you nation-states
And to all you worthless bureaucrats deciding all our fates
FUCK YOU and your elections, too!

Here's to America, land of the free
Fuckin' over everybody else to preserve your liberty
FUCK YOU and the red, white, and blue!

Here's to all you fascists the whole wide world around

Declaration of War

In times of war, the folksingers are supposed to write peace songs
Go to candlelight vigils and lead all the people in sing-alongs
Say "make love not war! And "have no vengeance on your enemies
Meet violence with love and hatred and anger with empathy"

Now don't get me wrong, I ain't got nothing against peace songs
Or goin' to rallies to call for an end to the guns and the bombs
But in times like these, I feel compelled to declare my support
For the ongoing escalation of the war effort

This ain't no peace song, this is a declaration of war
This ain't no sing-along, this is the rise of a mighty roar

When the towers came down, everyone looked around for a culprit
And the media moguls and corporate elites took the pulpit
"Ain't no fault of ours if all these millions are angry
Living in rubble in crumbling hovels in poverty"

Draped in a flag, they are pointing away at their enemy
"United we stand," they say, cleverly shirking complicity
"Don't ask any questions, just follow us, we will show you the way
Rise up America, come bomb another impoverished nation today"


Now just look around as the bombs hit the ground, tell me what do you see?
Are the ones callin' the shots your friends or your enemies?
Who are the victims? Who are the innocent? And who commits crimes?
And who gets to spin it the next day on the cover of the New York Times?

And furthermore, if I may ask, who are they anyway,
Who can give us our freedom and then with one vote they can take it all away?
Now I do declare they've exceeded their share of the oxygen
And we will not stand for one more command from their lips again


An eye for an eye will leave us all blind, I have heard it said
Yes, but peace without justice and struggle will surely leave a million more dead
So stand up on your feet and take to the street, this is no time for fear
Call us traitors or spies, and spread all your lies, but we will persevere

It's been said before and I'll say it once more, let's bring the war home
And battle the forces of greed and injustice wherever they may roam
And united we'll stand here in this land of hipocracy
To take back our lives from the rulers and build a democracy


No more will we stand idly by
While they ravage the earth and hurl flame from the sky
No more we'll be silenced, no more we'll be still
No more we'll be pillaged, no more will be killed
No more silent vigils, this time we will roar
We'll call out the traitors and we will declare war

On the oil executives, corporate elites,
Wall street vigilantes in mountain retreats,
IMF bureaucrats, Monsanto thugs,
CIA agents with tap and with bugs,
Rich greedy landlords and real estate crooks,
Corporate lawyers with corporate lawbooks,
Fascists in the white house and fools on the hill,
Puppets in uniform, guns set to kill,
Racist avengers and pentagon brutes,
Slick politicians and bankers in suits,
Old money, new money, priviledged few,
Owners of Nike, Chevron, and GQ,
Pesticide pushers of chemical war,
Econ departments, Wal-Mart superstores,
Kings and their armies and princes and dukes,
Religious zealots who kill for the truth,
Free trade agreements and global control,
Smokestacks and gasoline and ozone holes…
This ain't no peace song.

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