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A Call To Action

In less than 48 hours, thousands of bombs will barrage the country of Iraq, home to 22 million people.
A broad international coalition has spoken clearly against a unilateral war on Iraq. President Bush has ignored this coalition, renounced the United Nations diplomatic process and committed more than 250,000 United States soldiers and massive economic resources (literally on the order of 100 BILLION dollars) to a war of aggression in the Middle East. A war considered unjustified and illegal by the UN. This reckless action starts a chain of events that will decimate an already crippled infrastructure in Iraq, will result in thousand dead, billions of dollars of debt, diplomatic isolation, inflamed tensions between the US and Middle Eastern nations. This war flies in the face of reason and in the face of the clear voice of millions of American citizens.

In less than 48 hours, thousands of bombs will barrage the country of Iraq, home to 22 million people.


Resigning myself t0 non-action feels like complicity. Acting in accordance with my beliefs in a real material way, in a public way, is the only thing that doesn't make me feel disempowered and sick to my stomach. I will join hundreds of thousands of people in Downtown San Francisco the morning after the bombs start falling. Together we will act in unified civil disobedience.

I call on everyone who is upset by this emotionally, everyone who opposes the war intellectually to act physically - it takes courage but turning a blind eye to this war feels terrible.

Call in sick to work. Walk out. Don't go to school.

Join in the protests in Santa Cruz, San Francisco, all around the world.

Refuse to go forward with life as usual, business as usual.


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instead of civil disobedience

How about a massive act of civil enforcement of the Constitution? How about proving that the people can read and understand the Constitution and are willing to stand up for it? If Bush goes to war, using the unconstitutional congressional resolution he got last October, then both he and the congress members and Senators who did NOT hold his feet to the fire about getting a formal declaration of war, are in violation of the law of the land, not to mention their oaths to uphold it. For Bush, that sounds like an impeachable offense. For the congress members and Senators who rolled over on this one, or who were too stupid to know that "resolutions" suitiable for chasing pirates are not strong enough to authorize protracted land wars against soverign states, either recall or defeat at the polls in 2004 (or whenever they are up for re-election afterwards) would seem to teach appropriate lessons. It is important that the lessons be learned, not only by the offending officials, but by those would replace them.

If you REALLY want to feel better, understand the type of government we are SUPPOSED to have, and do your part as a citizen to ensure that we keep it. If the people are the boss, then let's be the boss! Hold your "mass demonstration" where it will do the most good: IN THE VOTING BOOTH!


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