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Protect Student Privacy From Military Recruiters

Wed 3/26, 6pm is the day and the time!!.

ATTEND the Santa Cruz School Board MEETING
Make posters -- (recommended list at end of this notice)

The Board will vote on a Youth Alliance of Santa Cruz High
School PRIVACY & TRUTH resolution that requires:

1) student contact information be released to military
recruiters only when parents OPT-IN by giving written
informed consent to the school for such contacts, and

2) full disclosure and TRUTH about military recruitment and
military service, by annually providing to all students
information about conscription and alternatives to military service.

Read the SC High Alliance resolution:


The infamous federal "No Child Left Behind Act" requires high
schools to give student directory information (names, phone
numbers, addresses) to military recruiters unless the
parent/student writes asking otherwise. School that do not
provide this information lose federal funding. The federal
law: )

The act requires that before giving information to
recruiters, parents must be provided an opportunity to not
have their child's contact information released. Most
schools post a small opt-out notice in a large parent guide
or bulletin that few parent thoroughly read. A few parents
opt-out. But many parents -- especially bilingual parents
and parents who do not read every word of every school
notice -- suddenly find that military recruiters are
badgering their kids on the home phone.

The Board resolution proposed by the Student Alliance
requires an OPT-OUT procedure that protects all students and
family from unwanted military solicitation unless they
specifically request it. And the resolution protects the
TRUTH by providing students with full disclosure alternative
to the military and the truth about military life.

The proposed resolution is legal. The "No Child" act is
written without specifying the administrative notification
procedure; the administrative procedure may be determined by
the local schools. The "Privacy and Truth" resolution has
successfully been enacted, and is practiced, by the school
boards of the Cities of San Francisco, CA and Rochester, NY.
It complies with a standard OP-IN practice that are used by
all schools to assure informed parent consent for student
trips and attendance a events which some parents may believe
to be controversial.

City of SF resolution:

More articles, discussion and research at the Youth Alliance web site:

Bay-wide Youth Action Coalition (YAC) organizing against war:
yacsantacruz (at)

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