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Arresting Data (Capitola 13)

Arresting Data


As one of 13 protesters arrested for blocking the military recruiting offices on 41st Avenue, Linda Crouse notes that the group had a sign saying, “We are for the soldiers and against the war.”
“My nephew went into the Marines, because that was the only way he could get a job. It’s a simple formula: Wealthy people decide on war, poor people pay the price.”
Crouse, who also participated in the San Francisco demos, says she was inspired to see “so many young people with a political conscience that I didn’t even begin to have when I was their age protesting oil domination and how Bechtel, Carlyle and Halliburton will make like bandits with our tax money as they get postwar oil and construction deals.”
Crouse says antiwar groups are going to be focusing on media coverage of the tough questions, such as “How many people, Americans, Iraqis and others, have died in the conflict so far?” and “Where are the weapons of mass destruction?”
“Governments try to get us into this football game mentality when it comes to reporting casualties, but collateral damage is inevitable,” she points out. As for the argument that because we are now at war, we are all supposed to get behind Bush, Crouse says the danger of that is “if Bush knows everyone will get behind him once he starts dropping bombs, then what’s to stop him from picking another war? “

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