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Antiwar protesters march again

Antiwar protesters march again


March 30, 2003
Sentinel Staff Report

SANTA CRUZ -- More than 150 antiwar demonstrators marched through city streets Saturday afternoon, greatly outnumbering attendees at a downtown “freedom” rally in support of U.S. troops.
The antiwar group, singing songs of peace and holding signs protesting the war, took about an hour to walk from the downtown Town Clock to Raymond Street Park in Beach Flats.
“I think people are finally getting it,” said Bob Fitch, who attended the peace rally and was pleased with the turnout.
The marchers later gathered at Lighthouse Field on West Cliff Drive to hear speeches from local peace leaders.
Santa Cruz Police Lt. Patty Sapone said the march was peaceful. No arrests were made.
Also Saturday, a “freedom” rally in support of “America and her troops,” drew only two supporters.
Two men stood at the corner of Front and Water streets, waving American flags.

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so what?

Does it really matter that sentinel wrote an article about saturday's march in Santa Cruz?

Why not write your own article and stop reposting the sentinel's articles (if we can even call them that).


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