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March for Peace and Justice to Honor Cesar Chavez in Salinas

On Sunday, March 30, more than a thousand people marched through east Salinas to celebrate Cesar Chavez's commitment to nonviolence and social justice.
On Sunday, March 30, more than a thousand people marched through east Salinas to celebrate Cesar Chavez's commitment to nonviolence and social justice.
Salinas, CA - More than a thousand farm workers and supporters marched down the streets of east Salinas Sunday with United Farm Workers President Arturo Rodriguez to celebrate the life of Cesar Chavez and to highlight the need to improve working conditions for farm workers.

The marched started at Cesar Chavez Park and winded its way over a two-mile route through heavily Latino east Salinas neighborhoods to Jesse G. Sanchez Elementary School where there was a rally and festival.

The march brought together more than a thousand people calling for better wages for farm workers and drivers licenses for immigrants.

Today's march also highlighted the value of nonviolence in light of the war on Iraq.

Increased military spending for the war plus budget cuts will cause more despair for millions of impoverished working families, among them farm workers who are among the poorest and most abused workers in America.

The latest U.S. Department of Labor figures show 90% of California farm workers earn less than $10,000 a year and 90% have no health coverage.

Chavez was a champion for farm workers, and used nonviolence as a way to achieve social justice.

Chavez's first major foray into the Salinas Valley began in 1970, when he led a strike by 10,000 Central Coast lettuce and vegetable workers protesting "sweetheart" pacts between growers and the Teamsters Union.

He would have been 76 on March 31, which also marks the 41st anniversary of the UFW, which he founded on his birthday in 1962.

April 23 is the tenth anniversary of Chavez's death in 1993.

Today's event was sponsored by the United Farm Workers of America, AFL-CIO, with Jesse G. Sanchez Elementary School.

It was also endorsed by local community groups and labor unions from throughout the central coast.


Bush War in Iraq would bring 'lasting harm' to democracy at home, UFW says


Scroll down to view more photos from Sunday's march!

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Leaving the Park

Cesar Chavez Park

Looking Down the Hill

Sure were a lot flags out there today...

Viva Cesar Chavez, Viva Mexico

Long live the spirit of Cesar Chavez!

May peace and justice be realized for all.

Sea of Red

The People, United, Can Never Be Defeated!

Streets of Salinas

Get out,


walk down the middle of a busy street,

with a large group of your friends,


ride a bicycle!

When Sidewalks Just Don't Do It

Step into the slow lane.

Peace and Justice for Farm Workers!

It was great to see a coalition of organizations out marching with farm workers.

Front of the March

Who says you need the internet to help organize large demonstrations these days?

La Marcha

People of all ages were out in the sun today, standing together for peace and justice = farm worker rights.

A la Escuela

This photo was taken during the rally and festival at the school.

Viva la Mujer

These talented young ladies entertained the crowd by playing their guitars.

Yo Quiero Mi Licencia

Governor Davis,

I Want My Driver's License

nice work bradley!

i was very glad to meet bradley, and sit with him on the bus ride to salinas. he is thoughtful and articluate, but not burdened by judgmental agendas and prejudices. i learned a lot about indymedia, and am grateful for indymedia santa cruz. the photos do a nice job of showing the size, passion, and diversity of particpants. thanks!
the santa cruz coalition to free mumia (it's a bit dated, but we have decent links)


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