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Farr's Number is 831-429-1976

Rep. Sam Farr's phone number is 831-429-1976. The number is incorrectly repeated as 1796 in an expanded featured story summary. 429-1976 is the correct number. Please call it and demand the troops be withdrawn NOW.
Check the main stories on Farr. Please call Farr's office and demand (1) that he publicly demand the safe return of our troops immediately: support our troops by bringing them home now! and (2) that he publicly demand an end to all bombing and the sanctions that have been causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children and (3) that he publicly announce that he will vote against the Supplemental Military Appropriation Bill now in the House Appropriation Committee (of which he is a member).

Ask that he call you back with his response to each of these concerns.

Then try to find time to show up at his office on the 3rd floor of the County Building either (a) on 9 AM the day after the House vote on the appropriation, and/or (b) on Wednesday April 9 at 3 PM.

You might also consider coming to the Town Hall meeting on April 7th at the Civic Auditorium in the evening to demand City Council declare the city of sanctuary for those who refuse to die or kill for Bush's Iraq Occupation as well as demands for Bush's impeachment and other meaningful actions the city can take to further the anti-war struggle.

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